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Home Workout Video And Throwin’ Parents In A Lake

What’s goin’ on?

Did you have an awesome weekend?  I know I did.  I got to watch a little football, hang out with the family, chill out and just be awesome (that’s taken from my buddy Brad Pilon).

As I sat down to write to you I thought of something that happened a couple weeks ago while on a mini-vacation/business thingy out in Colorado (we’ll get to the home workout video in a minute).  There was a playground about a block from the condo we were staying (which also happened to be on a gorgeous lake) and Maren wanted to play there on a regular basis.

not a home workout video

lovely parenting 🙂

On our last day she made a friend and played with her for a while, but then something happened.

I’m sure it’s happened to you as well…

They got into a little fight.  It started out innocently enough – kids being selfish – but progressed and the other little girl got a little nasty and her parents weren’t going to do anything about it (I don’t even know if they paid attention to her at all while we were there), so we decided to just leave.

I smiled and aided Andrea in consoling our heart-broken little girl – this REALLY upset her and she was NOT happy with the other little girl (and she let us know how really, really pissed she was) – but what I really wanted to do was toss the girl’s parents into the lake.

A little over-aggressive thought process?  A little.  Justifiable?  I think so!

Why did I get off onto this little tangent?

I have no idea.

My real reason for emailing you was to share another awesome 10-minute workout video with you!

Watch the video below to check it out and give it a go!

Super-Awesome Home Workout Video

YouTube Preview Image

If you didn’t get last week’s 10-minute workout video, click here to give it a try.

I also wanted to share an article I found with you.  It’s about a process many processed food manufacturers use to strip every last bit of meat off the bone.  It’s pretty stinkin’ disgusting, but I think you need to know this information to illustrate that processed food manufacturers are not out for your benefit and shouldn’t always be trusted.

To check that little doozy out, click here.

And for clarification, McDonald’s does not use this process on their Chicken McNuggets.  Does that mean you should eat them?  Hells to the no, but it’s a common misconception that McD’s uses this process.  If memory serves they used to use it until people got so outraged that they quit.  Foods must be marked as using this process so they can’t really pull the wool over your eyes.

My main reason for giving you the link to that article is to give you one more reason to quit eating processed foods, stop eating fast food and start eating more real food, and of course doing workouts from home (like the home workout video I showed you earlier 🙂 ).

One more thing about doing your workouts from home and we’ll be outtie.

A common question I receive has to do with workout timing.  Folks want to know if there’s an ideal time to train from home and the answer is no.  Whatever time works best for you, and that you’ll stick to on a consistent basis, is cool.  If evening fits your schedule, do it then.  If the lunchhour works better, do it then.

I’m a bit partial to the early morning workouts because it removes any excuses later on, but that doesn’t mean it’s a magical time of day.  You doing the workout is all that matters.


Oh hell, I have to give you just one more home workout video 🙂  Click here for that vid.

Okey dokey, that’s all I have for you today!

Talk to you soon!

The Fit Dad

home workout video

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