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Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

The Fit Dad back again for another edition of The Fit Dad Says…

Want to know the quickest and easiest way to make a complete mess and turn your daughter into the Joker?joker

Have her help you make a smoothie, and then let her drink from your giant smoothie cup.

Maren is at that point where she LOVES helping in the kitchen, although that’s not always the cleanest thing to let a 3-year old do.

These days are usually the days the kitchen floor gets scrubbed!

Oh well, just part of the process I guess.  Plus we’re teaching her some good, healthy habits and helping her not get hooked on kids’ cereals and other junk normally found for breakfast.

Today I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite smoothie recipes.  6 out of 7 days I have a homemade smoothie for breakfast.  Mine’s usually the same because I’m boring, but these are a few recipes I made that you may enjoy.

Berry Blast

This is my personal breakfast smoothie and I love it!

½ Cup frozen blueberries
½ Cup frozen raspberries
½ Cup frozen strawberries
1 Scoop whey protein powder
1 serving ground flax seed
½ Cup All Natural Vanilla Yogurt
½ Cup real fruit juice (depends on what I’m in the mood for), but it has to be “real” fruit juice and not sugar water with fruit flavoring.

Lots of berries do your body good!

Lots of berries do your body good!

I flip-flop between the yogurt and something called Kefir, which is full of probiotics.  The plain type of Kefir tastes like crap, but it’s good for you – and that’s why I put it in the smoothie and don’t have it plain.  You can hide some bad tasting stuff in smoothies and not even know they’re there.

It’s going to be roughly 400-450 calories.  It’s full of protein, fiber and “good” carbs and will leave you with a ton of energy.  No caffeine needed!

Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana

Okay, I stole that name from the movie Baby Mama, but it fits…

½ Cup Orange Juice (real orange juice)
1 Scoop whey protein powder
1 Banana (chop it up for easier blending)
½ Cup All Natural Vanilla Yogurt
½ Cup Organic 1% Milk

This one is going to be roughly the same number of calories as the first one…400-450.  I’m not giving you specifics because the numbers will change depending on the size of the banana, brand of protein (1 scoop differs from brand-to-brand), etc.

So Long Cereal!

1 Cup Organic 1% Milk
1 tablespoon Honey
1 Scoop Whey Protein Powder
½ Cup Raw Oats
½ Cup Frozen Blueberries

Just like the previous 2, this one will be roughly 400-450 calories.  It’s also full of protein, vitamins, fiber and “good” carbs.  Another excellent way to start

Be A Superhero Today!

Be A Superhero Today!

your day!

There ya go, 3 very different types of breakfast smoothies.  They’re quick, easy to prepare and you can drink them on your way to work or while dropping the kids off at school.

I love smoothies for their simplicity plus the amount of nutrition you can cram into one meal.  All 3 of those are loaded with protein, “good” carbs, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

The cool thing is that just like we get Maren involved, you can get your kids involved too.  I guarantee you that after they try a smoothie for a few days they’ll prefer it to any junky cereal.

Give one of these puppies a try tomorrow for breakfast, or if you have your own breakfast smoothie that you’d like to share post a comment on my blog.  I’d love to get more ideas on healthy smoothies, whether for breakfast or after a workout.

Talk to you soon!

And remember…

Be a superhero today!

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  • Erin

    Here is a smoothie that I make each morning for my twins who shudder at the sight of green veggies. I use this smoothie to sneak in some veggies and protein and still make a really tasty and filling drink.
    1 banana
    1/2 cup frozen berries
    1/2 cup milk
    1/2 cup silken vanilla tofu
    2 large leaves of kale (could use spinach or any green, leafy vegetable)

    Put all into a blender and mix it up. Yummy and nutritious. *measured amounts are approximated, adjust as necessary to the consistency of your choosing. I think these measurements lead to a pretty thick smoothie (and cute smoothie goatees on the kids who drink them!).

  • Jane

    Those recipes look tasty ed. i’ll give a couple a try this week and let you know how they taste.

    should i buy fresh or frozen berries? i’ve heard you talk about frozen before but i just want to make sure.

  • Sam

    Awesome Fit Dad! I’m always on the lookout for new smoothie ideas.

    I tend to mix and match different fruits and even some veggies along with different protein sources like yogurts, milks, nuts and soy. I make some crappy ones but there are some tasty ones in there too.

  • Ed Scow, aka 'The Fit Dad'

    Erin even though I’m not a fan of tofu I’ll have to give that one a try and I love your “fine print”!

    @Jane – Thanks! Let me know what you think of those recipes.

    @Sam – You kinda get what you get if you test different recipes. Some are good and some get dumped down the sink!

  • Ben

    Dude…Baby Mama?

    Seriously though thanks for the recipes. I’ve been looking for something different to try in the morning and these might do the trick.

  • Erin

    Give the tofu a try but be sure to get the silken tofu and I would recommend getting one of the flavored ones. If you don’t get a flavored one then you might want to add some sort of natural sweetener to the smoothie such as fruit juice. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

  • Ed Scow, aka 'The Fit Dad'

    I’ll give it a try.

    See what happens when you move away from the Midwest? You start eating tofu…

  • Reuben Powell

    I use Whey protein a lot before and after my bodybuilding routines. Whey helps a lot in building muscles.”;-

  • Kyung Kittleson

    I’m so worried about the direction our kids are headed in nowadays. Watching Jamie Olivers food revolution on tv the other day scared the thingies out of me. I suggest we all start cooking some healthy recipe like these at home if we’re going to fix this horrible situation. The ones on that site seem pretty easy, I tried last night and it’s the first time my family has eaten well in so long, I just feel great.

  • Louie Finucane

    Interesting, thanks for that. My son has a terrible aversion to eating raw fruit , so I made it into smoothies for him and then he can’t get enough of it! I also found some great smoothie recipes here and thought I’d share – lots of other great ideas there.

  • Armando Wimberly

    Thank you so much for wonderful ideas. finding things to do with children is so hard sometimes, especially during the winter break when they are home ALL THE TIME! Their most recent favourite is to make random sandwich crafts out of bread and salad bits, not sure how to explain it I found at this recipes for kids site here, the’res a little picture with each one which is great. Thought your readers might like to try that too. Well, I must be back to rea life now, either my kids are calling or I’m imagining things, which is also quite possible.


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