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Health Clubs and Exercise Machines Suck

There are a few things that really get me mad.

It makes me sick to think that there are people out there not spending time with their kids.  There’s no excuse for that.

It makes me sick when stupid people do stupid things and the rest of us have to clean up their mess (or pay for it).

It really makes me mad when people drive too slow, cut me off, don’t use their turn signal, tailgate when there’s no reason, play their crappy music way too loud (this shows I’m aging), spend thousands on a car stereo in a car that’s worth hundreds, bad parking jobs, non-handicapped people parking in handicapped spaces, etc.  Can you tell I’m a road rager?

Fat people complaining about their weight while they stuff their face with a deep fried appetizer and a beer before eating a giant cheeseburger and french fries while neglecting the lettuce and tomato that came with the burger.  Sorry, but you get no sympathy from me if that’s how you eat.

But one thing that makes me mad has to do with exercise equipment.

I just got done reading an article about a small gym and all the owner talked about was the new equipment they just purchased.  They just bought a machine that works this muscle, or they’ve got a whole wall full of machines that work this muscle group, etc.

That is the biggest waste of money in my book.

Number one, from a business standpoint that’s not how you get people into your new gym.  People want benefits, not a catalog listing.

Number two, you don’t need a machine that cost thousands of dollars to work one body part.

You can get a far better workout without spending thousands, or even hundreds by using dumbbells, resistance tubing and bodyweight exercises.

To make people believe that they have to head to the gym to get in a decent workout is just a flat out lie and they need to stop spreading it.

Unfortunately, they won’t and there will still be a place for people like me who open others’ eyes to the fact that they’ve been lied to and misled and had money ripped right out of their pockets by greedy gyms or gym equipment sellers trying to make a quick buck.

Need an example?

This article talked about a new shoulder press machine that allows your arms to work by themselves.  So if one arm was weaker than the other, it didn’t lose out because of a bar that tied both arms together.

Want to know something?  You can do the same thing with dumbbells and save yourself $3000.  How is that machine any different than a dumbbell shoulder press?

See my point?

Good.  Now quit thinking that you have to have a gym membership to get in a decent fat burning workout when you know that’s not the truth.

OK, I’m done preaching now.

Have a great day!


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