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Friday Workout

I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do for my workout today…

…did I want to use weights or bodyweight?

I did both.

I love exercises like the Hang Clean because of the explosiveness and they’re a great full body exercise.  Plus it’s good ego work and makes me feel awesome when I do them.

I’ve been doing them once a week over the past few weeks and have been seeing my weights go up every week.

Anyway, here’s the workout I did today that included a little bit of everything.

1)  Hang Clean:  5 x 5

2A)  Chin-up:  4 x 10
2B)  Dips:  4 x 15

3A)  DB Overhead Squat:  3 x 12 (I’m really starting to like this exercise for some reason)
3B)  Elevated 1-Leg Hip Extension:  3 x 12 per leg

4A)  Spiderman Push-up:  3 x 12
4B)  DB Rear Flies:  3 x 12 (This is an excellent upper back exercise and you really should do it regularly)

And just like the last couple of workouts, I’ve been finishing up with a 4 minute workout.  Today I did a 4 minute abs workout and it had my stomach screaming!

Stay tuned for more information about my 4 minute workouts.  I’m working on a couple of bonuses that are awesome!

I’m also in the process of revamping my 10 minute workout bonus and when that’s done, all my past customers will get the revamped version.  It’s really going to get your blood pumping, make you breathe hard and really kick in the fat burning!

Have a great weekend!


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