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Friday Exuberance and Drainage

What happens when you have 6 clients in a row from 6am until noon, then sit on your booty for 3 hours?

You become a tight, fried, irritable, yet exuberant personal trainer who just had an awesome day…is almost finished up with a huge project that is different than anything else on the market when it comes to fat loss workouts, and is ready to drop the baby off at the in-laws for a date night with my beautiful, yet neglected wife.

I haven’t been this pumped yet so drained at the same time in a long time.

It feels awesome.

Now I’m going to do a 10 minute bodyweight circuit consisting of the following:

1A) Push-up Plank Extension – 10 each arm
1B)  Burpees – 10
1C)  Forward Lunge – 10 each leg
1D)  Reverse Lunge – 10 each leg
1E)  Spiderman Push-up – 15
1F)  Pike Push-up – 15

I’m going to do that circuit as many times without stopping for 10 minutes.

Wanna try?  Who knows you just might like it!

Have a great weekend!

Ed, the Fit Dad

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