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Fat Loss Workout Twist To Turn The Heat Up A Notch Or Two!


Buenos Dias!

How’s life treating you?  Life’s rockin’ and rolling around here.  It’s cold, the streets are slick and evidently we’re supposed to get a crap-ton of snow.

How much is a crap-ton?

Evidently it’s a lot and I’ll be sure to let you know once I figure that out.

I wanted to share with you an exercise tip that I’ve been using to create my personal fat loss workouts, and even some of the workouts for my training clients here in the studio.

It’s a way to combine strength work, metabolic work and “burner” work all into one sweet little 7-minute circuit workout and I’ve been loving it.

I know that it’s not “pure” strength work, as I’ve been told before by the hard-core strength training Nazis, but I don’t care.  I live in the real world and deal with real world issues and, like you, have limited time to devote to workouts and have to work within the parameters I’m given.

Anyway, enough of the ranting, let’s get on with it.

What I do is pick 3 exercises…just 3.

I’ll pick an exercise that uses a heavier weight with lower reps (like 6-8), or a bodyweight exercise that accomplishes the same goal.  For example, I’d choose either an Incline Chest Press (dumbbells) or a Chin-up.

I’d then choose an exercise that will make me pant like a dog on a hot summer day and do it for higher reps (12-15…or sometimes 20).  Something like a Squat Thrust, Jump Split Squat or Mountain Climbers (fast).

Then as a last exercise, I’d choose an exercise that’s a mixture of those 2 and do moderate-to-higher reps (10-15 or 20).  If I chose the Incline Chest Press as my first exercise, I’d choose a Close Grip Push-up as my burner because I’m wanting to beat the living crap out of my triceps and shoulders.

So the third exercise will work similar muscle groups as the first…hence the “burner” because those muscles are already taxed from that first “big” exercise and we’re hitting them again with a higher repetition version.

After choosing my 3, I’d then do them in a circuit format for 7-10 minutes and rest as necessary.  The first couple times through I can breeze through without resting at all, but by the 3rd time and beyond, I have to take a little break after the 3rd exercise lest I drop something on my head, hurt myself or do something else that’s very stupid.
We’re shooting for limited stupidity here, so rest as you see fit.

Depending upon how many days per week you’d like to workout, or the time you have available, you can mix things up a bit.

As you are able to tell, the workout I made focuses pretty heavily on the chest, triceps, and shoulders.  If I were shooting for doing this type of thing 3 days per week, and I had the time, I would create 2 or even 3 of these little fat blasting devils to do in a row.

There are a number of ways to mix things up and I could turn this post into a book giving you all the different ways…which sparks a nice little idea!

Anywho, did all that make sense?

I’d like to see you give this little workout twist a try and see what you come up with.  Let me know what workouts you create and I’ll share a couple with the rest of my readers.

Talk to you soon!


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