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Fat Loss Workout and Abs Workout

Ok so I screwed up.

I meant to send out another weekend challenge for you last Friday…but the dog ate my homework…or my computer didn’t work…or my daughter stole my mouse so I couldn’t use my computer…or not.  I just forgot.

Oh well.

We’ll just carry that over to today.  I uploaded a couple of workout videos to my blog that I want you to try over the next couple of days.

One is a 4 Minute Workout and the other is a 4 Minute Abs Workout.  Both are killers, but I want to add a little twist.

Rather than just doing each for 4 minutes, I want you to do them both twice.

Similar to last time, the workouts will only take a grand total of 16 minutes, plus an extra couple minutes for a warm-up.

But don’t let the fact that it only takes 16 minutes to complete fool you.  They are difficult…when done with proper form and tempo.

And if you need help with proper form I can probably arrange for my little protégé (my niece) to come over and keep you in check.

She has been keeping my sister in check while watching my videos.

She tells my sister that she’s not doing it like me and that I’m doing some things faster.

I love it!

So if you need a little extra push, let me know and I’ll tell you how much she charges because she’s not cheap!

By the way, don’t be intimidated by a couple of the exercises.  Give them a try…who knows you just might surprise yourself with how well you do them.

The same goes for the push-ups.  If one of the push-up variations I give you seems a little tough, try it.  But if you can’t do it, do an easier version like regular push-ups or push-ups from your knees.  Then after a couple weeks, give that tougher version another try.

Anyway, here’s the workouts:

4 Minute Fat Loss Workout

4 Minute Abs Workout

Have a great day!


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  • Bob DeCarlo

    Repeat each workout twice in succesion or alternate them?
    Workout one overhead squat without any weight is too easy.
    Workout two, the plank extension as shown creates no tension on tha abs at all, done from a regular plank position is execllent, but most people probably can not do that.
    Also you show doing Renegrade Row to Plank extension to Renegrade Row and then Mountain Climbers. Is that done to get extra in extra
    Renegrade Rows?

  • admin

    Hi Bob,
    You can repeat them any way you wish. Mix it up and experiment…then you can decide which you like better.

    Bodyweight overhead squats are too easy for some people, but if you don’t have proper range of motion then you shouldn’t be adding any extra resistance. If you can do them properly, with perfect form, then you can add extra resistance.

    Plank Extensions are a good exercise, but I agree with you that for some people they are too easy, however make sure your form is perfect. This is one of those exercises where you really need to pay attention to the position of your torso and make sure you DO NOT rock back and forth as you extend your arms.

    Another great variation of the Plank Extension is to do it from the top push-up position.

    Yep. I just want you to do a lot of Renegade Rows in that short period of time. They’re an excellent exercise and not enough people do them.

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