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Fat Loss Workout and Abs Workout Videos

So did you take my workout challenge over the weekend?

I got quite a few emails and comments from people who said they were going to do it and their experiences.

All very good, especially a few from my sister who told me that my little niece was critiquing her form and telling her that she wasn’t doing it as good as me.  She’s almost 4 years old and is making this fitness guy proud!

I think I have a little protégé!

Anyway, I’ve got a couple more workout videos for you today.

One is a 10 minute workout that uses dumbbells and bodyweight exercises and the other is another 4 minute abs workout.

They’re both killers when done separately, but if you do them together you’ll really kick your fat burning up a few notches.

Here’s the link for the 10 minute workout:

Here’s the link for the 4 minute abs workout:


Give them both a try in the next couple days and let me know what you think.  Just make sure you do the 10 minute workout first, followed by the 4 minute abs workout.

Have a good day!


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