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Fat Burning Foods Day 8…It’s Yellow (or orange, purple, white) And Very Sweet

Today’s fat burning food is Sweet Potato.

I know I’ve said this before, but every single time I write an opening sentence like that I feel like I’m on Sesame Street or Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

The number of the day is 5.

I think you can tell who the parents are when they begin speaking like kid’s shows or begin talking to adults like they’re children.  Putting pitches in their voice to emphasize certain things, asking if they need help tying their shoes, wiping your buddy’s boogers, etc.

But I digress.

The sweet potato is a powerhouse vegetable.  Potatoes often get ridiculed because of the whole carbohydrate scare, but you shouldn’t avoid sweet potatoes out of fear of carbohydrates.

A regular sized sweet potato is not that high in total calories or carbohydrates (100 calories and around 23 carbs).  They have virtually no fat, and have a good amount of fiber (4 grams).

The trouble people get into with sweet potatoes is adding all the toppings.

Sour cream, loads of butter or margarine, sugar and cinnamon, or they’re doused with sweet stuff at Thanksgiving time.  This makes a tasty veggie even tastier, but will make your waistline grow and turn a fat burning food into a fat gaining food.  This is especially true if you’re eating a sweet potato at a restaurant.

But if you were to take away all the fattening toppings and just look at the sweet potato, they are an excellent fat burning food.

As I mentioned, they’re a good source of fiber.

But you have to eat the skin.  Just like apples, the good stuff is in the skin.  In fact, as is the case with many fruits and veggies, the phytonutrients (very powerful antioxidants) are most often in the skin.

Sweet potatoes are naturally sweet (duh), and can be found year-round.  By the way, before you ask, sweet potatoes and yams are the same thing.

Sweet potatoes are chock full of Vitamins A and C, plus they’re a good source of iron, potassium and Vitamin B6 – in addition to the fiber…can you tell how important I think fiber is?

Sweet potatoes will come in a variety of skin colors including, white/creamy, yellow, orange and even pink and a deep purple.

Just like carrots, the orangey colored sweet potatoes are highest in Beta Carotene (Vitamin A), while the purple ones (which I can’t remember ever eating) are pretty high in another type of antioxidant called anthocyanins.

Oddly enough, while doing my research into sweet potatoes, I saw a study that stated the antioxidant content of purple sweet potatoes is over 3 times higher than that of a  blueberry – and we’ve all heard about how beneficial blueberries are.

Personally, I like my sweet potatoes baked or turned into sweet potato fries (sliced, baked with oil and sprinkled with sea salt).

But Andrea has also made muffins using sweet potatoes and they were pretty darn tasty.

I know that with these fat burning foods, I often talk about the vitamins and minerals, rather than how they help you burn fat…

…but highly-nutritious, fiber-rich, low calorie foods are the types of foods that help you burn fat.

So don’t be afraid of the sweet potato…it’s your friend and it’s a very nutritious, fat burning food that you should be eating on a regular basis.

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