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Fat Blasting and Beach Body Ready Workouts for May

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer here in the US and it’s approaching quickly…very, very quickly!

Will you be ready to step onto the beach or hit the pool?  Will you be comfortable in your swimsuit?

I know I will!

Right now I’m comfortable…but not satisfied.

Are you ready for the beach?

To become satisfied I have decided to change up my workouts a wee bit to make them more intense and focus solely on fat loss – not strength gains or muscle mass gains…just losing fat and getting rid of those last few pounds.

If you’ve tried it before you know how incredibly freaking difficult those last few pounds can be to lose.  It’s the most stubborn fat known to man and I will lose it by the end of May – I may even take a couple pictures to show you just how far I will have come.

Enough of the babble, it’s time I share with you my workout plan for the remainder of May.

Like I said earlier, this month’s workout program focuses solely on fat loss and it’s meant to be intense, but it still focuses entirely on my 10-minute workout philosophy.

My plan is 3 days of resistance training workouts, 4 days of bodyweight cardio workouts and 2 days of interval training on the stationary bike – obviously I’m not doing them on separate days otherwise my math would be horrible!

Mondays I do Resistance Training and Bodyweight Cardio.

Tuesdays I do Bodyweight Cardio and Interval Training.

Wednesdays I only do Resistance Training.

Thursdays are only Bodyweight Cardio.

Fridays are Resistance Training and Bodyweight Cardio.

Saturdays are Interval Training only.

Sundays I take off but I still do some light activity and stretching/mobility work.

All of my Resistance workouts are 3 exercise 10-minute circuits.  I do 1 10-minute circuit, rest a minute then do another one.

Like I said – these puppies are not meant to increase my strength or give me extra muscle (so don’t tell me some of the exercises I paired up don’t go well together…I don’t care and I know what I’m doing)…just to kick my ass and leave me gasping for air.  I pick a weight that’s difficult and I adjust it as necessary through the 10-minutes.

The Bodyweight Cardio workouts are highly metabolic and will have you panting and screaming “I hate you Ed!!” and that’s okay because the point of these bodyweight cardio workouts is to kick your ass and burn all kinds of fat.

Okay, enough of the explanations and blabber here are the workouts and the schedule…

Monday: 2, 10-Minute Fat Loss Resistance Workouts and Bodyweight Cardio

10-Minute Circuit #1: Complete as many circuits as you can in 10 minutes.  Ideally you wouldn’t rest at all, but I know that’s not feasible for most (including me).  Try to better yourself every week by completing more circuits – If you do 4 ½ circuits the first week, shoot for 5 circuits the next, etc.

1) Inverted Row – 10 Reps
2) Incline DB Chest Press – 15 Reps
3) 1-Arm DB Swing – 10 Reps per arm

Rest a minute or two, then go right into the second 10-minute circuit…

10-Minute Circuit #2: Complete in the same fashion as the first circuit.
1) Spiderman Push-up – 12 Reps
2) DB Rear Fly – 15 Reps
3) DB Push Press – 10 Reps

That second circuit makes your shoulders SCREAM!!

Bodyweight Cardio Circuit: Complete in a circuit format, doing as many circuits as you can in 15 minutes.

1) Burpee – 10 Reps

Fit Dad approved workouts!

2) Side Plank Extension – 12 Reps per side
3) Jumping Jack – 50 Reps
4) Jump Split Squat – 10 Reps per leg
5) Mountain Climber (on slider) – 30 per leg

If done properly you’ll be panting and your legs will not be very happy!

Tuesday:  Bodyweight Cardio and Interval Training on stationary bike

Bodyweight Cardio Circuit: Completed in the same fashion as previous workout.
1) Spiderman Climb (on slider) – 20 Reps per leg
2) 1-Leg Squat Thrust – 8 reps per leg
3) Dive Bomber – 10 Reps
4) Jack Knife (on slider) – 15 Reps
5) 1-Leg Squat Thrust – 8 per leg

Wednesday:  2, 10-Minute Circuits (Resistance Training)

10-Minute Circuit #1: Complete in the same fashion as the Monday circuits.
1) Chin-up – 8 Reps
2) Dips – 12 Reps
3) Stationary Lunge w/Shoulder Press – 15 Reps per arm (this makes the Dips VERY difficult!)

10-Minute Circuit #2: Complete in the same fashion as the first circuit.
1) 1-Arm DB Swing – 15 Reps per arm
2) Close Grip Push-up – 15 Reps
3) DB Rear Fly – 8 Reps

Thursday:  Bodyweight Cardio

Same as Monday

Friday: 2, 10-Minute Circuits (Resistance Training) and Bodyweight Cardio

10-Minute Circuit #1:  Complete in the same fashion as the Monday/Wednesday circuits.
1) Squat w/DB Shoulder Press – 15 Reps
2) Narrow Grip Inverted Row – 12 Reps
3) Decline Spiderman Push-up – 10 Reps

10-Minute Circuit #2: Complete in the same fashion as the first circuit.
1) Chin-up– 8 Reps
2) Dips – 10 Reps
3) DB Rear Fly – 15 Reps

Bodyweight Cardio: Same as Tuesday

Saturday:  Interval Training on the stationary bike

There you have it – there’s my fat-blasting beach body workout for the month of May.

I’m also doing some interesting things with my diet, but I’m going to wait on letting you know what those are until I have the final results.  I’m pretty excited about it because it’s nothing “fancy” or weird…but it does take discipline and if my hypothesis is correct the results will be PHENOMENAL!!

If you’re up for it, give the workout a go.  I guarantee you’ll be happy with the results.

Just don’t forget to warm-up and make sure you’re fit enough to do the workouts – i.e. don’t be stupid!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know by sending me an email or leaving a comment.

Have an awesome day!

And Remember…

…Be A Superhero Today!

Ed, aka “The Fit Dad”


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