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Fast Workouts In 4-Minutes!

fast workouts from homeHey!  What’s goin’ down?  I trust your day is off to an awesomely and unbelievable start!  I know mine is.

Ya know, I love fast workouts…to be more specific, I love 4-minute workouts.

I love them in a hotel.

I love 4-minute workouts in a bedroom.

I love them in my training studio.

I love fast workouts in a hallway.

I love them on a plane (which makes for some funny looks).

I even love 4-minute workouts in my backyard.

To show you just how much I love these extra special workouts, I have made a bunch of videos detailing some killer 4-minute fat blasting workouts just for you!

Fast Workouts In 4-Minutes

YouTube Preview Image

Or even click here for another super-duper fast workout:

Maybe click here for a 4-Minute Abs Workout to crank your stomach and core:

And certainly click here for yet another fantastically quick home workout:

You can do these as a stand-alone workout for 4-minutes (plus a quick warm-up) if you’re pressed for time.  You can combine 2 of them, or even 3 and create one nasty fat blasting workout.

There’s really no end to the creativity you can have when doing 4-minute workouts.

You could even combine one with one of my 10-minute workouts and create…a 14-minute workout!  Yes, I do math sometimes too.

Actually one of my favorite ways to combine workouts is to do a 10-minute workout, rest for a minute, and then grab either an arms workout or 4-minute abs workout, or both, as an “add-on.”  It almost creates a puzzle effect where it lets you pick and choose different combinations of workouts, put them together into a wicked full-body workout and be on with your merry ways.

So if your day only allows for 4-12 minutes, you can get something done and if your day allows for 20 minutes, you can create fast workouts in that way as well.

See what I’m saying?

That should be enough to get you started for today!

Have an awesome day!

And Remember…

Be A Superhero Today!


P.S. – One of the bonuses with the new and improved version of Fat Loss To Go is a couple workout programs devoted to 4-minute workouts.  One is called 4-Minute Fat Loss Workouts and the other is called 4-Minute Abs Workouts.  Both of those programs are jam-packed with fast workouts you can do from anywhere…which means no gym membership, and no expensive equipment to buy.

fast workouts to do from home

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