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Fast Legs Circuit Workout


legs circuit workout gives you nice legs :)

Like these legs? That's what this workout does 🙂

Have you ever told yourself you wanted to have stronger, more toned and defined legs?


Well why are you reading this?

If, however, you have made it this far without giving me a mental slap across the face, and are still interested in stronger butt kickin’ legs, read on because I have a sweet legs circuit workout (and video) for you to try out.

This workout is from a larger program I created called “The Puzzle.”

The short and skinny on the Puzzle is that it allows you to be in control of the program.  If you want to work your legs, pick and choose individual 7-minute circuits that will help you develop stronger, more defined and toned legs.

Want better arms or abs?  Well the process is the same.

But since we’re talking about legs workouts and how to get stronger, more defined and toned legs, I’m going to give you a sample of a Legs Workout from that program I created.

Fast Legs Circuit Workout

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s the rundown on the Legs Circuit Workout…

Perform the following legs exercises as a circuit and complete as many circuits as you can in 7-minutes:

1A) 1 ½ Bodyweight Squat – 12 times
1B) Jump Squat – 6 times
1C) Plank Extension – 12/arm
1D) Feet Elevated Hip Extension – 10 times

Go through that legs circuit workout as many times possible in 7 minutes, and then either choose another lower body workout, or grab another Puzzle Piece that hits another part of your body (like a weight loss cardio workout).

See what I’m saying?  This program is incredibly powerful and once you go through that workout, and some of the other samples I have floating around the blog, a try, you’ll see that I’m speaking nothing but the truth!

That’s all I have for you today!  I hope you enjoy the legs circuit workout, and the soreness it brings 🙂

Be sure to try that puppy out and let me know what you think.


The Fit Dad

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