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Ed’s Wednesday and Thursday Workout

I haven’t been doing too well with my workouts this week, mostly because I’ve got a cold, but really I’ve just been lazy.

As I’ve said before, I’m a total weenie when it comes to not feeling well and it turns me into a lazy turd.

But I’m back into the swing of things as of yesterday, so here’s yesterday’s workout and today’s.

Wednesday Full Body Resistance Tube and Bodyweight Workout:

1A)  Alternating Tube Chest Press – 15 reps per arm
1B)  Squat w/Alternating Tube Row – 15 reps (30 squats)

2A)  Chin-up – 3 x 10
2B)  Bodyweight Lunge – 3 x 15

3A)  Stability Ball Jack Knife – 3 x 15
3B)  1-Arm DB Swing – 3 x 12 per arm
3C)  Spiderman Push-up – 3 x 15

This was a pretty quick workout, but it felt good to get back into it.

Thursday Dumbbell Workout:

1)  Deadlift – 4 x 5 – Hit another personal best on this one and it felt awesome.

2A)  Reverse Lunge – 3 x 10 per leg
2B)  Elbows Out DB Row – 3 x 10

3A)  DB Rear Flies – 3 x 12
3B)  Feet Elevated Hip Extension – 3 x 15

4A)  Inverted Row – 3 x 10
4B)  RDL – 3 x 15

Then I finished up with some biceps curls…because I’m a dude and I like ’em.

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