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Eat Like Crap Last Weekend? Easy Tips To Fix It

This past weekend was NOT friendly in the nutrition department in the World of Ed.

I ate poorly…actually let’s just call it what it is and say I ate like crap.


I hate weekends where that happens.  I know what I should do, and I know all the tricks to keep myself from going off the deep end, but sometimes it all explodes.

Ever have one of those weekends, or maybe weeks?

You know what you should do, but don’t.

You know the tricks you should follow (hopefully the ones I’ve taught you), but for whatever reason don’t follow them.

Your diet just goes to pot.

But how do you get over it without truly going off the deep end and ruining all your hard work?

Is there a way to “get back on the wagon” and continue with your success?


It’s actually easier than you think…and you didn’t do as much damage as you think you did – as long as it’s not a regular occurrence.  If weekends like this happen on a regular occurrence, then you need to step back and re-evaluate.

Here are a few quick tricks to get back on the wagon and continue losing fat.

#1 – Don’t freak out.

This may sound overly simplistic, but it needs to be said.

Did you know that one of the sayings in the fitness industry is “Every Monday Is New Year’s?”

Do you know why?

Bcause people blow up over the weekend, the nfreak out Sunday night or Monday morningand go crazy buying up stuff and hitting the gym.

A buddy of mind in the fitness industry says all the cardio addicts are doing their “Cardio Confessional” on Mondays praying to the cardio gods to remove all the nastiness.

It makes sense.

Take a step back and realize the truth.  The truth is that it was just one weekend.  It was only 2 days.  It’s NOT a big deal (unless it happens regularly).

You didn’t do that much damage to your progress, and if you’ve been going hot and heavy in yoru nutrition and workoyt you may have actually done your body a favor.

Realize that the past is in the past.  You can’t change it, but you can change what you do today…but what you should do today is NOT freak out and go of the deep end.  Treat it like any other Monday.  Go on with your plan as usual.

#2:  Drink ONLY water.water for weight loss

If you messed up over the weekend then you’re holding a lot of “water weight” and one of the easiest way to get rid of it is to drink water…nothing but water.  Don’t drink tea, sugar-free drinks, alcohol, etc.  ONLY water.

I’m for serious here yo.

Only water.

Nothing else.

Not your coffee.  Not your juice.  Nothing but water.  Don’t add any powdered stuff to it…JUST WATER.

Don’t ask if something else is “okay” because I’m trying ot make myself as clear as possible…


You want to flush that stuff out and really you shouldn’t be drinking that much artificial sweetener, colors, etc. so the water is going to do you good in more ways than one.

#3:  Limit The Sugars and Grains. 

You should be limiting your sugars and grains on a regular basis, but you should pay extra attention on days like this.

Nothing with added sugar.

No grains – whether processed or whole grain…none.

Eat lots of veggies and fiber-rich fruit.

That’s another thing.  Limit the fruit intake to only those with a decent amount of fiber.  Things like apples, pears, blueberries, raspberries, etc. are good for days like this.

Things like grapes, bananas, etc. aren’t good for these days.  They’re fine on most days, but not today.

I’d also like you to limit your fruit intake to early in the day.  Try to get it in the morning/lunch.

#4:  See above per fruits and veggies.

#5:  Sweat.

Crank the workout up a notch or two.

You don’t have to go super-long, or even that much longer than normal, and you should NOT “pray to the cardio gods” because that won’t do you as much good as you think.

Add some Book Ends to your workout, or finish things up with somet metabolic work to really get the sweat flowing.

But, like I said, don’t increase the overall workout time by much – maybe 7-10 minutes more.

Decrease the rest period.

Challenge yourself a bit more.

Increase the resistance.

Use that pent up frustration from a crappy weekend in your workout.  Use that as fuel and leave it there.  That’s a great way to ensure it doesn’t nag at you.  Go into your workout telling yourself that you will leave that frustration with the workout.

You’ll put that extra energy there, and then move on.

It’s really pretty freeing to be able to do that.

Easy enough?

Those are 5 super simple tips and tricks you can use any time you fall off the wagon and need to jump back on.

Obviously you want to limit days like this because if you do it on a regular basis you were never really “on the wagon” were you?

If you find yourself “stumbling” every weekend, you need to stop, take a break, and re-evaluate what you want and why you want it.

If you want the right things, and for the right reasons, you shouldn’t be crapping out that often.


Of course I’m right.  I’m always right.


Alright I better get out of here before I say anything stupid.

Later tater.


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