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Drug Companies Pull Their Weight Loss Pills Because Of Psychiatric Side Effects!

I just got done reading a pretty interesting news release about two rival pharmaceutical companies (Sanofi-Aventis and Pfizer) who are stopping their research and testing into two weight loss pills that were in the same class and would be competing with one another.

They stopped testing them because of the psychiatric side effects that kept emerging…

…what the hell does that mean?

Psychiatric side effects?!  Are you kidding me!

A weight loss pill that was touted only a few years ago as the “holy grail of medical research” is now being pulled because of the psychiatric side effects.

What does it make people go crazy or something?

Or maybe it does the opposite and gives you the munchies…I guess that would be a psychiatric side effect.

The point of these two weight loss pills was to act in the opposite way that dope smokers get when they get the munchies.

They found a brain chemical that is heightened when dope smokers get the munchies and so they wanted to come up with a way to suppress that chemical in an effort to get people to stop eating, stop smoking, basically stop anything.

But then in human trials – on a drug that’s been available in Europe since 2006 – began noting serious psychiatric effects like depression, anxiety and stress disorders.

Are you serious?!  This stupid weight loss pill has been on the market since 2006 and they’re still doing trials?  Shouldn’t the trials be over and done with BEFORE it goes to market?

Shouldn’t all the lab rats be on their way so that the drug makers can put in all the fine print and fast, quiet talking guy at the end of the commercials to tell you all the known side effects.

On a side note, I love it when one of the side effects for these weight loss pills is anal leakage.  How about a little anal leakage to go along with your drug.  Don’t worry, it won’t stain or stink too badly.

Anyway.  This thing really chaps my hide.

The pharmaceutical industry is in such a tizzy to come up with some artificial chemical to help all the lazy turds out there lose their weight without making those same lazy turds even get up off their butts and move or stop shoving their face with McDonald’s that they rush things to market BEFORE they’re done testing them.

Then after a few years of being on the market and killing off a few innocent people (a la Phen-Phen), the government bodies step in and tell the drug makers to pull their product off the shelves.

Or when all the people who were prescribed the weight loss pill begin to notice that they poop their pants, or get anal leakage, when taking a certain drug (hello Orlistat) that they stop re-filling their prescription…well the drug maker has to do something because they’ve got all this money into the research, development and marketing of this magical pooping pill.

So what do they do?

They decrease the dosage and get it approved to be sold over the counter in every Wal-Mart, drug store, Target, etc. under a new name (hello Alli) but the sad reality is that it still makes you poop your pants, except now they call that a treatment effect and not a side effect.

When will people wake up and realize that their weight loss goals do not come in a pill.

The drug industry invests BILLIONS into the research of this every single year and they have not been able to come up with a product that stands up to its claims.

Sure they herald the weight loss pill as a true miracle, but then a year or two later they find that it has all these nasty little side effects and have to pull it off the market.

You cannot, I repeat, cannot lose weight from taking a pill.

It will not happen, nor will it ever happen.

Plus you want to know something else?

All of those drug makers include some sort of diet and exercise plan to go along with their weight loss pill.

Well, what would happen if you skipped the pill and just worked out and ate well?  Do you think you’d still lose weight?

That’s the same trick that all these weight loss supplements do too.  Their fine print reads that to get results you have to eat well and exercise.

No [insert expletive] Sherlock!

So…stop putting your faith in the corrupt world of pharmaceuticals in ever finding a safe pill to help you lose your unwanted pounds because it just won’t happen.

Unless of course you want psychiatric side effects, anal leakage, poopy pants, heart attacks or stroke to go along with that pill.  Then be my guest.

Have a great day!


P.S. – You want to know what really ticks me off?  The articles I read that described what was going on focused more on the fact that these two companies will be hurting their bottom lines because they had to pull their products.  They weren’t that concerned with the side effects of these drugs.  They were more concerned with the fact that they spent so much money on the research that their profits won’t be as high.  That’s just sick.

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