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Don’t Make This Bad, Bad Mistake…


Given that today is Saturday, I think it’s quite poignant to write about this today…

I’m a big fan of cheating/rewarding.

I actually like to use the word “reward” more than cheating because a reward is a positive behavior, where cheating is not.

A reward is a benefit for having done awesome.

Cheating gets you kicked out of school and fired from your job.

Sorry for the side tangent…

What was I going to say?

Oh yeah.  I am a big fan of rewarding, but it must be used wisely.

Rewarding when used properly is a powerful thing.

Rewarding when used improperly is a stupid thing.

Most of us, if we decide to use the “reward” route when trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, tend to use those rewards on the weekends.

Life is set up for us to do so.  We go on date nights on the weekend, if we work a jobby-job, we usually don’t have to work on the weekends, parties are held on weekends, you’re forced to hang out with people you don’t like on the weekends, etc.

That’s all well and good, but there can be a problem with using weekends as your reward time.

There are typically 12 Friday/Saturday/Sunday combinations in a given month (very difficult math on my part!).

That’s roughly ½ of every month that can be devoted to the “reward” lifestyle.

That is a recipe for disaster.

I know what you may be thinking, “But Ed. I swear I don’t eat that bad on weekends…stop being such a jerk.”

First, don’t call me names.  It hurts my feelings.

Second, are you sure you don’t eat that bad on weekends?

Another aspect of weekends is that we get out of our normal routine.  We live for routine.  You may not like hearing that, but it’s true.  Routines keep us on track.

What happens when our routine is thrown out of whack?

All common sense goes out the window.

We splurge while dining out.

We eat bad snacks.

We drink booze.

We skip breakfast, or eat a bad one – I love my Donut Sundays!

All I’m trying to say is be careful if you reward yourself, and be especially careful if you reward yourself on the weekends.

It is very easy to let that mentality get out of hand and turn a perfectly good and healthy habit into a habit that will destroy your goals.

You can either split your rewards up or spread them across the weekend.

For instance, maybe have a small dessert after dinner Friday, a couple drinks while playing golf on Saturday and a small “fun” breakfast on Sunday.

If the numbers are kept in check, and you’re strict the rest of the time, that is a perfectly fine way to reward yourself and still lose weight.

You could also devote an entire day to your reward.

Go out for breakfast with the family or friends and eat some pancakes (not those healthy protein pancakes either!) or have a scone.

Have a burger and fries for lunch and a piece of cheesecake after dinner that night.

The key with both of those is not to go crazy.

Always remember your goals.

Always remember why you made the decision to improve your lifestyle (weight loss, health, etc.).

Keep those thoughts and goals in the front of your mind at all times and listen to the little angel on your shoulder while kicking the devil on the other shoulder to the curb.

Remember that the weekend makes up nearly ½ of the month and can either make or break your goals – and how long you keep your results once achieved.

Talk soon!


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