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Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat? Can Muscle Turn Into Fat?

Does muscle weigh more than fat?

I’ve been asked that question quite often and the answer to that is, obviously, no.

1 pound of muscle weighs the same as 1 pound of fat…1 pound equals 1 pound.

I think the people asking this question know that, but they’re slightly confused.

They’ve been confuse by so-called fitness experts telling them that muscle weighs more than fat.

What they should be saying is that 1 pound of fat takes up much more space than 1 pound of muscle.

I’ll give you an example.More…

Let’s say you have two dudes.  Both dudes weigh 200 pounds, but one dude is very fit with a very low percentage of bodyfat.

The other dude is a fatty.

He’s got a giant gut and big man boobs.  He would need the "bro" for all you Seinfeld fans.

The fit guy looks a lot smaller in certain areas like his waist and chest because he doesn’t have the fat.

The fit guy might have a 32" waist while the dude with man boobs has a 40" waist…yet they both weigh the same.

Does that make sense?

I hope so.

I’ve got another misconception about muscle and fat that I’d like to clear up while I’m at it.

Muscle does not magically turn to fat if you stop exercising.

I’ve heard that quite often too and it’s just impossible.

Muscle cannot turn into fat.

You can lose muscle and gain fat, but one cannot turn into the other.

It would be pretty cool if our bodies could turn muscle into fat or even cooler if it could turn fat into muscle, but, unfortuantely, it’s just impossible.


I understand where both myths come from.

When some people start a new exercise program and they don’t see any progress on the scale, someone will tell them that they are gaining muscle and losing fat and that muscle weighs more than fat…that’s why they’re not seeing the scale move.

And the opposite will happen also.  I’ve had clients who take a 6 month break from training with me (I have no idea why…it couldn’t be ME) and when they come back they try and get away with telling me that their muscle has turned to fat.

No.  You lost muscle and gained fat, which is what happens when you don’t do a darn thing for exercise and eat like crap!

So to sum this all up…

Muscle does not weigh more than fat, they both weigh the same.


Muscle cannot turn into fat, nor can fat turn into muscle.


Have a good day!


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