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Do You Take Supplements?


Quick question – Do you take supplements?

If yes, what do you take?

Supplementation is one of the big questions I receive and I totally understand why.  It’s a confusing, mind-boggling market with so much hype, lies and outright fraud it can make your head spin!

For the record I’m a big fan of supplements.  I take ‘em on a daily basis and experiment on the regular to see if there’s any benefit or if they’re all hype.

There’s one type of supplement that I really don’t like and the unfortunate thing is they’re the most popular – at least if you go by the marketing.

I separate them into “constipation voice” and “fast talker.”

Constipation Voice is the guy peddling all the muscle builders and sports supplements that supposedly add an extra 50 pounds to your bench in 3 minutes or that add 35 pounds or rock hard muscle while also giving you a libido that’s a combination of an 18-year old and Charlie Sheen.

The Fast Talker is the weight loss pill.  The marketing is all hype, filled with lots of emotional buzzwords and might even have a real, honest to God doctor talking about how good it is.

Sometimes they even give them names that give the impression they’re a drug; and coincidently the Constipation Voice guy’s products sound like steroids.

Neither work, at least the way they’re marketed, and that brings the whole industry down.

Rather than being able to talk about how beneficial a product may be the first stance a good company has to make is that they’re not like the junk peddlers.

How can you tell the difference between good and bad; or reputable and “centers of ill-refute”. 

One easy way is to look at their packaging and marketing materials.  The junk peddlers put all their money in the marketing.  The flashier their labels look, the better.  The more half-naked people they can throw on that box, bottle or poster, the more apt you will be to purchase on impulse.

Also if they use too many “pharmaceutical-sounding” words in their names, they’re probably selling over-hyped pills loaded with various herbal caffeine sources and other stimulants.

Another thing you need to remember is that supplements are just that…they are meant to supplement an otherwise healthy diet.  They are not meant to replace foods or healthy behaviors.

I remember way back in the day when I was involved with another supplement company I used to pronounce “I get all the vitamins and nutrients I need from these supplements, which means all I have to worry about with diet is protein, fats and healthy carbs!”

What a whack job I was.

No supplement can take the place of food.  There are too many synergistic components (fancy words!) in foods that pills or powders simply can’t replace.  Some can help, but they cannot replace a good diet.

They are meant to fill the nutritional holes in your diet. 

For instance, because you’re an active person – at least you should be – you should seriously consider a quality multi-vitamin (should actually be more than just vitamins).  Us active folk need more nutrition than our sedentary brethren.  Your body burns more calories, and goes through more rigorous activity and needs the extra nutrients to function optimally – at least in my humble, humble opinion.

That quality multi-vitamin should not replace an otherwise healthy diet…it should only pick up the slack.

Quick Side Note:  I know there have been studies published saying vitamins do nothing to help and are pure wastes of money, but the studies I’ve studied (weird combination of words) don’t talk about the source of the vitamins used.  Were they high quality, natural sources or were they the cheap crap you can get at any discount drug store or big box store?  There’s a difference!

Same with healthy fats.  I take an EFA every day, and take more in the winter, but this does not replace my intake of healthy fats in my diet.  I still add ground flax seed to my smoothies, eat almonds, walnuts and pecans on a regular basis and make sure to get other sources of “healthy fats” in my diet.  Those EFA pills pick up the slack.

What’s my point in this ramble?

I believe in supplements, I believe they can be of great benefit, but you have to do your research.  You need to know what you’re ingesting and whether it’s safe, effective, and can do you good; or whether it’s junk, hype or can be toxic.

If you have questions about a certain brand or product, let me know and I’ll try to help you out.  Sometimes personal research can be daunting, but my B.S. Meter usually works pretty well and I would love to help.

That’s all for today!

I’ll be back soon with an awesome Fusion Conditioning workout for you!  It’s a doozy too so be on the lookout!


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Good times…good times, indeed.

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