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Do This BEFORE Your Workout

Did you do last week’s assignment?  Click here if you missed it…

This week’s Assignment is very similar to last week, but we’re going to flip it.  I’m going to ask you to do a mini-circuit BEFORE your regular workout and am only giving you two categories – Core/Abs and Metabolic.


Because I said so.

Kidding aside, it does have its purpose.  I’ve used this technique with a few of my clients (and most didn’t know they were guinea pigs…) and it’s worked pretty well.

Here’s my thought process…

The Metabolic Mini-Circuits prime your body for the rest of the workout and keep your fat burning machinery cranked – even when you may be in a part of the workout not necessarily designed with “weight loss” in mind.

Last week I had a client do the exact same workout he did the week before, but I added a Metabolic Mini-Circuit BEFORE the main workout and you would’ve thought I was putting him through basic training, except without the yelling, dirt, running and what not.

The only difference was a simple 2-exercise circuit that we did for 5 minutes.  Everything else stayed hte same.  No change in reps, weight, or rest periods.

It didn’t make him overly sore, he didn’t feel “wiped” at the end of the workout; actually he felt more invigorated, which was a nice thing to hear.

That should hit home with many of you.  A properly designed workout shouldn’t “kill” you and leave you wiped for hours after the workout.  Yes, you should work hard, but you should be able to move on with your life (unless it’s your first few days, then soreness should make it tough to go to the bathroom 😉 ).

The Abs/Core Mini-Circuits are there for a different reason.  Most of my workouts are “core” workouts in some way simply because you do a lot of bodyweight exercises, free weights, tubes, etc. Which forces your core to be engaged.

When you throw in one of these sweet little mini-circuits your core will have to work extra hard for the remainder of the workout, which in turns makes the rest of your body work harder, which means you’ll also burn more calories…while strengthening your core.

Make sense?


Now let’s get on with the Mini-Circuits I’d like you to try…

Metabolic Mini-Circuit #1

1A) 1-Leg Burpee – 6 reps

1B) Jack Knife (using sliders or ball) – 15 reps

Metabolic Mini-Circuit #2

1A) Jumping Jack – 50

1B) 1 ½ Squat – 8 reps

1C) Jump Squat – 8 reps

Abs/Core Mini-Circuit #1

1A) Plank Walkout – 5 reps

1B) Reverse Crunch – 15 reps

Abs/Core Mini-Circuit #2

1A) Plank Up/Down – 12 reps

1B) Swing – 15 reps


If you’d like you can do one or both before your workout, but don’t do 3 or 4 because that would make your workout stretch out too long and it’s just unnecessary.  Why would you want to work any longer than necessary?  That’s just silly.

That’s all for today!


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