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Core Workout Tips (Video)

“Why does a core workout have to be different than a regular workout?”10 minute workout from home

That was a WONDERFUL question posed by one of my training clients, and to be totally honest it made my liver smile.

He reads the magazines and surfs the web and always noticed the same thing I did – authors trying ot separate the abs and core from the rest of the body.

He wanted to know why they did that.

Beyond marketing, and simply getting you to read their articles, there really isn’t a good answer, at least to my trainer brain, as to why you have to separate a core workout from a general full body workout designed for fat loss.

A properly designed workout program, be it for weight loss or any other thing, should include exercises that strengthen your core (which is kind of a dubious term anyway).

What do I mean?

Take this video for example where I show you how to turn ANY workout into a core workout and show you two exercises for core strength.

Quick and Simple Core Workout Tips

YouTube Preview Image

Did that make sense?

Aside from showing you two killer exercises for core strength and stability, I also really wanted to hammer home that an overall fat loss program shouldn’t exclude abs, or core, exercises; nor should a workout designed specifically for core strength exclude things that will help strip the fat off your stomach (and everywhere else).

They can, and should, work together.

Here are a few other abs exercise ideas to include in your program…

1) Push-up w/Shoulder Touch – it’s just like a normal push-up, but as you raise your body up off the ground, you bring one hand up and touch the opposite shoulder.  This forces your core, specifically your obliques, to work extra hard to keep your body in proper position.

2) Overhead Squat – beyond working your legs like a normal squat, the act of raising your arms up, and holding weights, forces your core to go bonkers to keep your torso upright

3) Spiderman Climb – This is like a normal Mountain Climber, but rather than bringing your knees straight up to your chest, you bring them to the outside and try to touch your elbow with your knee.  This forces your obliques to work harder and they get a little flexion worked in too.

4) Any exercise with Carpet Sliders (or Valslides).  If you want to increase the effectiveness of any core exercise like Mountain Climbers, place your feet on a pair of carpet sliders.  You can also flip over and do Leg Curls with ‘em rather than a stability ball.  Good times I assure you.

5) Dumbbell or Kettlebell Swing – This is one of the most basic exercises with the KB, but can also be done with a heavy dumbbell, although it’s a bit more cumbersome.  It’s an excellent exercise for core strength, and weight loss.

If you’re smart, and I know you are, you are wondering if you can put all 5 of those exercises, plus the two from the video, into one workout and the answer is “Yes!!”

You can pair ‘em up into supersets or put them all together into one big circuit.  Whatever floats your boat.

If it were me, I’d probably break them into groups of 3 and do 7-minute circuits with limited rest.  This may decrease the amount of weight you can use, but that’s okay.

Just make sure you always stay focused on your form.

Whenever you’re doing a workout, whether it’s for core strength and stability or weight loss, you should ALWAYS focus on your abs.

Keep them “In and Tight” at all times, then whenever an exercise calls for extra strength, stability or flexion, work them harder.

Make sense?

If you’d like to see a couple other videos, including workouts, that demonstrate other core exercises, click the links below:

Quick Abs and Core Workout Video

Different Kinds of Planks

Abs Workout Without Crunches

That’s all for today!

I hope you enjoyed the video and blabbering on about core workouts and exercises to increase core strength and how it applies to an overall weight loss program.

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