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Core Workout Tips (Video)

“Why does a core workout have to be different than a regular workout?” That was a WONDERFUL question posed by one of my training clients, and to be totally honest it made my liver smile. He reads the magazines and surfs the web and always noticed the same thing I did – authors trying ot separate the abs and core from the rest of the body. He wanted to know why they did that. Beyond marketing, and simply get ...

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10 Minute Workout Program

Hey! How's everything in your world? Today I thought I’d do something a bit different. In the past I have given you my workout programs, both 10 minute workout programs and those that have taken longer, but only in text form.  Rarely have I filmed my actual workouts and shared that with you. I’ve also given you videos of individual 10-minute workouts to do from home, or on the road, but haven’t really put t ...

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Story About A Busy Dad…and a 10-minute workout

I have a sweet 10-minute workout program you can do from home for you today, but before we get to that I want to share a quick story with you. A couple weeks ago I did a ‘phone consultation’ with a potential client and we were at an impasse. He wanted to train with me, but between our crazy schedules, it wasn’t going to work out. He was a busy fella.  He wasn’t totally self-employed, but his boss let him do ...

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10 Minute Workout Videos And Abs Workout

Hey! Well, it’s Workout Wednesday and I have a couple more awesome ones for you. Last week was all about bodyweight workouts and 4-minute abs workouts, and this week is similar, but it’s not ALL bodyweight exercises. We’re going to go over a 10-minute workout along with another 4-minute abs workout. By the way, if you wanted to grab last week’s edition of Workout Wednesday, click here. This week’s workout, ...

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Quick Legs Exercise Trick and Lower Body Workout

A couple weeks ago I shared a video that had a legs exercise tip where you added a pulses IMMEDIATELY following a set of lunges, and because so many folks liked that (as much as you can ‘like’ lunges, a lower body workout and/or burning legs) I decided to whip up another quick legs exercise video tip! This one is a bit different because it adds a little tweak to the actual lunge itself. The tip you’ll find ...

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Fusion Conditioning Weight Loss Workout Video

Do you remember a couple weeks ago when I shared that Fusion Conditioning weight loss workout video with you? ====================================== Quick note...if you want to watch that one, click here ====================================== What do you mean no?  I thought you stored and re-read every single message I sent! For shame… Anyway, if you don’t remember, I came up with a different “flavor” with ...

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Quick Leg Exercise and Lower Body Workout Tip (Video)

Do you like lunges, or leg exercises in general? I have a love/hate relationship with lower body workouts (including the leg exercise we're going to talk about), as do many of my clients, but I’m a mean and nasty trainer guy and make them do the nasty exercises anyway. They’re too dang good, but I agree that they do hurt.  They make your legs burn and shake, and if you do them enough, make it difficult to w ...

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Fusion Conditioning Fat Loss Workout

It’s Workout Time!! Over the recent past I have been tinkering with my 10-minute workout “flow” trying to make it the best and most effective use of your time and I think what I’ve been using lately is pretty wicked. I call it Fusion Conditioning and it’s a great way to burn a ton of calories in a little bit of time, while also working those trouble spots we all love to hate (and even making you stronger). ...

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