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A Story That’s Tough To Tell, But You NEED To Read

I’ve gone back and forth about whether or not to write this article for a few weeks. On the one hand it’s a topic that everyone needs to take to heart and is about much more than just losing fat, getting toned, gaining muscle or getting sexy. Those are all good things to be after, but some things are more important ya know? But on the other hand it’s a topic that I’ve never totally come to grips with person ...

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4 Minute Abs Workout

I love weekends. I love getting away from the office for a little while and just relaxing and hanging out with my wife and daughter. I love being able to watch football (that’s American football for you non-Americans) and I almost jumped for joy as my Huskers nearly pulled off a huge upset on Saturday. I also take a break from my regular workouts on the weekends.  Don’t get me wrong, I still try to remain a ...

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Wedding Cake Fat Loss Diet

I love wedding cake. On Saturday Andrea and I went to a friend’s wedding and I have to tell you that I kinda like weddings. I know that sounds weird for a guy to say, but I do.  I’m kind of sappy in that I enjoy seeing people at one of their happiest moments in life. Although, like every guy, I want the wedding to be done with as quickly as humanly possible so I can get to the real good stuff.  The wedding ...

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How To Motivate Yourself To Lose Fat

Yesterday I was interviewed by a wonderful British fella by the name of Noel Lyons. It was a pretty good interview and you’ll have to remind me to give you the link to listen for yourself. But we go to talking about motivation and goal setting and I didn’t get a chance to reveal some of the things I wanted to because we got off onto a different subject, and I want to share some of those things with you now. ...

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What Can Michael Phelps Teach You About Fat Loss?

As I'm writing this, Michael Phelps and his mom are being interviewed, discussing his amazing 8 gold medals in the Olympics. It's a tremendous feat that many people never thought would happen. Many of the best swimmers in history thought it was impossible for someone to win 8 gold medals. It was just too many races over the course of one week. He swam over 5 miles a day on his swim days, ...

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