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Boy Scouts Can Teach You A Lot About Fat Loss

I wasn’t a boy scout when I was a kid, which may explain why I can’t tie a knot to save my life. It may also explain why I don’t like to go camping, couldn’t start a fire without a flame thrower, and pretty much couldn’t survive one day in the wilderness... ...oh who am I kidding, I couldn’t survive one day without internet, my iPhone or cable TV. But there’s one thing that they learned in boy scouts that c ...

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Lose Weight For 2009 Starting In 2008

Do you know what important date is coming up? Is it my birthday? Yes, but that’s not what I’m talking about…although if you’d like to get me a gift please feel free. Actually my birthday, my wife’s birthday, and my daughter’s birthday are all within a week of each other.  I’m turning 30, my daughter’s turning 2 and if I told you my wife’s age she just might kill me…isn’t that how you ladies react to people ...

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Do I Rant and Rave Too Much? H-e-double hockey stick NO!

Over the past week or so I’ve been ranting a bit more than normal. It may sound as though I’m an inconsiderate jerk who doesn’t understand the way everybody feels or thinks. I think it’s just the opposite. Please don’t misunderstand.  I’m not trying to come across as a jerk, although it may sound like I’m doing my damndest to be a jerk. The way I write is with a lot of passion.  I feel very passionate about ...

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Drug Companies Pull Their Weight Loss Pills Because Of Psychiatric Side Effects!

I just got done reading a pretty interesting news release about two rival pharmaceutical companies (Sanofi-Aventis and Pfizer) who are stopping their research and testing into two weight loss pills that were in the same class and would be competing with one another. They stopped testing them because of the psychiatric side effects that kept emerging… …what the hell does that mean? Psychiatric side effects?! ...

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Fast Workouts To Help You Lose Fat Right Now!

I’ve got a newfound love for fast workouts. Why? Well besides the fact that you can get  A LOT done in a short period of time, which is paramount for a busy dad, busy business owner…and a guy who just doesn’t want to spend every waking moment doing fat loss workouts. Who’d a thought? A personal trainer who doesn’t want to spend all his time doing workouts! But it’s true.  I’ve got better things to do than s ...

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It’s Election Day…Now Stop Being So Damn Stupid!

Today is election day…thank the good lord almighty! But that doesn’t mean we’re done with all the political crap. You’re still going to hear about whose plan is better, why one person is screwing up the country, if not the world, how one party is full of [insert expletive] idiots, etc. The one thing we’re also going to hear with more frequency is the health care debate. Whose plan is better? Some want to mo ...

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The Only Way To Create Fat Loss Workouts

“Why in God’s name do you create some of the workouts that you do?” “Are you trying to kill me with this workout?” “You’re a no good [insert naughty word here] for making me do this you know that right.” Those are just a few of the questions and colorful comments I get from clients, both in my studio and people who have bought my Fat Loss To Go program, about some of the workouts I create and some of the ex ...

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My Weekend Challenge To You

I just had an awesome workout and I’m pretty fired up. I’m fired up because there is no better feeling than what you feel after you’ve had a good workout. Your energy levels are through the roof. Your body feels as though you’re doing something good, rather than killing it by sitting around doing nothing. Your mind is “open” and free of clutter. Your stress levels are minimized. And if you’re like me, your ...

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