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The One Thing You MUST Do Before Starting A Weight Loss Program

When it comes to weight loss there is one thing that rises above all else. It’s not a special food, or combination of any foods. It’s not a fancy exercise, or even workout program. It’s not about abandoning an entire food group, or demonizing something. To better illustrate what it is I have to tell you a story. A couple years ago I was involved in the “Corporate” wellness world.  I would cold call companie ...

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Can You Handle The Truth?

As of this writing it’s December 24, which means the year is almost over. 11 months have gone by, and they’ve gone by too fast if you ask me My son is going to be 2 years old in a couple months and my daughter just turned 6, I turned 34, and Andrea is the same age she was last year because she doesn’t age (how’s that for skirting the subject of age with your wonderful wife?). Sweet Holy Crapanoli! The days, ...

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Fatty Death By A Thousand Cuts

We’re going to take a morbid twist right off the bat today… Have you ever heard of the form of execution called “Death by a thousand cuts”? It was a form of torture/execution used by the Chinese and, believe it or not, was used up until the early 1900’s.  I’ll spare you the gory details because I’m guessing you can get the gist by the name alone, but I think we can all agree that this type of punishment is ...

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The Most Boring Way To Lose Fat…That Works EVERY TIME

I have a shocking confession to make… Are you ready for it? I am incredibly boring individual. Crazy, right? How could I possibly be boring?  Aren’t I living it up with Robin Leach and our caviar dreams?  Points if you know the reference...if you don’t know the reference it’s about a show that predates MTV Cribs by a couple decades, but was far better, yet just as outlandishly ridiculous. Anywho, back to my ...

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Which Diet Is Best For Weight Loss?

It was Monday.  These questions always come on Monday... “Alright dude, I have a question.” That’s what I was met with a few weeks ago when one of my long-time, and quite awesome, clients came strolling through the door. It also just so happened to follow a weekend of tailgating, which lead to bloating and the all-too-common saying, “I will NEVER eat like that again!” Know the feeling? Anyway, back to his q ...

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Night Time Eating and Arms Training – Q&A Session

Hey hey! What’s happenin’ in your world? Mine’s kind of wild and wooly right now.  I currently have a Gary Clark Jr. Video playing in Youtube, Andrea and the kids are upstairs rearranging Maren’s room, with Nolan screaming at the top of his lungs and I’m perusing my inbox looking for a couple questions, and their answers, to share with you. I found a couple winners.  One involving diet and the other involvi ...

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What’s More Important To Weight Loss? Diet Or Workouts?

It happened again last week… Did I get hit in the eye with another piece of hot, oily shrimp at a hibachi restaurant? Nope. Did I witness another bride-to-be, who was wearing what appeared to be a dress from 1984, yell from a hotel balcony to a friend wondering “What the hell happened to my bouquet?!” Nope...thank God. (and both happened a couple weeks ago) No, this one actually has to do with weight loss. ...

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3 Easy Ways To Lose Weight NOW

I don’t know about you but I’m very impatient. I want things done yesterday, including the things that can’t physically happen faster. I want to get to our destination immediately when on family vacations. I want my favorite television shows to start before they’re scheduled. I want the things I order to be at my door step immediately after purchase. I also want any new workout or diet tricks to give me imm ...

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