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3 Great Evening Snacks For Weight Loss

Finding healthy evening snacks for weight loss can be a tricky thing. For years there was no shortage of experts and gurus instructing you not to east past a certain magical hour lest your body hoard those calories and instantly increase the size of your waist by 800 inches, but, thankfully, the times have changed (for most folks anyway). Eating a snack in the evening, after dinner, can be done and you can ...

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3 Unhealthy Health Foods

(Quick note - If you’re more in the mood for some foods you should be eating, click here and read this list) A favorite pastime of mine is critiquing marketing messages by “Big Food.” Actually that’s a total lie.  It’s not a favorite pastime; it’s actually maddening and gives me high blood pressure. “Big Food” is full of lying liars whose pants are so on fire they make members of Congress look like sweet he ...

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Where Do You Put Your Mental Energies?

Howdy! When it comes to getting lean and fit, I have a basic belief – focus on taking positive steps that create good habits rather than attempting to remove negative habits. That may sound overly simple, or bring up thoughts of “No kidding dude (please don’t call me ‘bro’)…I knew that!” but stick with me here and let me explain. Let’s assume you want to lose weight. Let’s also assume you want your physique ...

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Food Rules

This article appeared in the August 2011 issue of "L Magazine." Two of my favorite foods are apples and broccoli. I have other foods that I count as “favorites” as well, but they wouldn’t fit well in a column whose focus is helping you become healthier and more fit – unless we could figure out a way to include Peanut Butter Cups! Those 2 foods are my “Go To” foods and they receive that high distinction beca ...

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Abs Workout DVD and AWESOME Diet Program

Howdy! I’ve been trying to figure out how I can incorporate the way Nolan crawls into a workout program, but just can’t seem to find a way to throw in a break dancing move.  He does ‘the worm’ rather than crawl and it is very entertaining.  The kid can get anywhere he wants simply by getting onto his hands and knees, rocking, then pushing forward and flopping onto his stomach – which puts him forward about ...

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Simple Weight Loss Solutions

Hey! I hope your day is going awesome.  We're going to dive into the mental woo-woo stuff for a minute... I want to present you with a situation that may sound pretty familiar. Simple Weight Loss Solutions ...that aren't necessarily diet or workout related. You’re fed up with the way you look and want to make a change.  You hate the way your clothes fit, your lack of energy, and you want to be better. Maybe ...

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Are Branched Chain Amino Acids Effective?

Are Branched Chain Amino Acids Effective? Are they worth the expense (cause they're sure as hell not cheap)? A question I’ve received a lot lately is about Branched Chain Amino Acids and whether they’re worth the cost.  BCAA's are nothing new.  I took them about 10 years ago, but evidently they're becoming more popular. Some herald them as a "wonder supplement" everyone should be taking, while others poo-po ...

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The Fit Dad’s Daily Diet

“Whatcha’ eating, Ed?” “Dude…what's your diet?” “Oh, you don’t need to eat healthy, look at you!” Those are just a few of the questions/statements I get on a regular occurrence pertaining to what I stuff my face with. The third one I  got yesterday when I was going through the checkout at Target.  I had a shirt on with my business logo/website address and was buying a package of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups ( ...

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