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Weekly Nutrition Challenge

Hey hey! I’ve been thinking about doing something a bit differently lately... I know that can be scary, but this is going to be fun. Every Monday, for the next 10-12 weeks, I am going to share a Challenge with you. Some weeks may be nutrition related, others may be exercise/workout related and some may be more ‘mental.’ I’ve been in this game for quite some time and I know Monday is usually the day when peo ...

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Eat These 3 Healthy Weight Loss Foods Every Day (Diet Assignment)

I have another assignment for you in the diet department and I’m going to ask you to add a few foods to your daily diet, rather than going negative and asking you to remove certain foods. I have a general philosophy that it’s easier to succeed, not only in the short-term, but the long-term as well, if you switch your focus from removing negative foods and behaviors to adding good foods and behaviors. By tha ...

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Is It Worth It To Buy Organic Food and Other Diet and Workout Questions

Another week and another round of email questions! I have some good ones for you this week, so I’ll cut the chit-chat and get on with the show! I also have to be honest...the one that asks "Is it worth it to buy organic food?" was actually phrased a bit more, shall we say, crass?  I'm protecting the identity of my client that asked, but during our conversation she said she was freaked at the thought of her ...

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2 Healthy Dessert Recipes and How To Eat Dessert AND Lose Weight

You like dessert, right? Who doesn’t like dessert? Okay, I know a few people who are adament they do not like dessert, but I think they’re crazy. Personally I love a good piece of cheesecake or REAL ice cream. My philosophy is that if you’re going to do dessert, then DO dessert.  Get the good stuff that’s made from REAL food…don’t get the low-cal/no fat stuff in an effort to lessen the calorie blow. I’ll sh ...

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Weird Diet and Nutrition Tip To Change Your Eating Habits

I have a weird and goofy thing I want you to do this week.  It's a nutrition assignment, but that's not the weird part.  The goofy part is what I actually want you to do within the diet assignment. Ready? I want you to talk to your food – whether it responds is a matter for you and your therapist. In all seriousness (and don’t be offended if you really do see your therapist because your food talks to you), ...

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3 Healthy High Fat Foods To Eat Regularly?

Do you eat fat? I know the common thought is to cut out fat if you want to lose fat (makes sense in the noggin), even in this day and age where more and more folks are telling you there are healthy high fat foods. I want to make a distinction before we get into this whole high fat thing… High fat does NOT necessarily mean high TOTAL calories. Yes, high fat foods are higher in calories than foods rich in car ...

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Q&A – How To Make Weight Loss Stick and Workout Videos

It’s Saturday and you know what that means? Oh, you don’t?  Well in my house it means…it’s Saturday. I know I’m a boring dude, but we have a 5-year old and 10-month old and it’s January in Nebraska.  Not exactly conducive to living an exciting life! I kid.  I love my life and wouldn’t change it for anything and the fact that Nolan is getting closer to walking everyday scares the bejesus out of me because I ...

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3 Post Workout Snacks To Maximize Fat Loss

Do you typically eat post workout snacks? If not, you should seriously consider it. Why?  Because after your workout, your body is literally screaming for nutrition.  Okay, maybe not “literally screaming,” but if your muscles somehow attained the ability to speak they would politely tell you, in the most gentile English accent, that they would really enjoy some nourishment so that they may replenish their e ...

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