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Simple Summer Weight Loss Tips

I had a stark realization the other day, while playing in the yard with the kiddos, and it kinda freaked me a bit. The realization was that summer was coming, and it was coming quick and it wasn’t going to wait for me, or anyone else, to be ready. I had this realization for a couple reasons. First, I was wearing a tank top and noticed my arms were crazy white. I’m a white dude by nature - not just my race, ...

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A Whole Bunch of Diet Information and Workouts

Hey! How’s your weekend coming?  As of this instant, it is mid-afternoon on a beautiful Sunday and Nolan just woke up from his nap.  I was going to say Nolan was napping and Maren was coloring in her room, but I just heard the tell-tale signs of a 1-year old awakening...crying :) I am currently sitting in my “office” at home, which is really just a desk in the corner of our dining room - I lost my office wh ...

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Want to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle? Eat these 3 foods daily

Hey! How's it hangin'? I got away from the Nutrition Assignments for a couple weeks and that’s because I’ve been working frantically on a few projects. So I’m kinda sorry and I’m kinda not.  I’m sorry because I want ot help you lose weight and live a lean and strong lifestyle. I’m not sorry because these projects directly effect you and are pretty stinkin’ awesome…but we’ll save those or later :) Back to th ...

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Do You Really Need To Worry About Meal Timing After Your Workout?

Ever been confused about what to eat and when to eat it? Should you eat a protein only breakfast or have some carbs and fat too? What about meal timing for a workout?  Do you have to have a protein shake immediately after your workout if you want to see results? Do you need to have a protein and carb snack before your workout to provide you with the energy you need to make it through the workout and perform ...

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Healthy Smoothies Is This Week’s Nutrition Challenge

Well, another week and another Challenge! How have you been doing with these over the past few weeks. We started with the fruit and fat, then moved on to the timing of water drinking - all of which are simple to implement, but not always easy. Does my reasoning for asking you to do these Challenges make sense? Remember we’re not trying ot make HUGE, drastic changes in a short time because that’s what leads ...

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The Fit Dad Says Reading Round-Up!

Sunday is usually the day I get caught up on reading. Well, I try at least.  When you have a 5-year old and 1-year old things don’t always go as planned :) So in honor of my reading day, I figured I’d share the love with you and help you get caught up on your reading, and your reading is going to be so much more fun than mine. Why?  A couple reasons. First, I’m reading about the science of food creation.  W ...

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This Week’s Challenge – Water and Weight Loss

So how’d you do with last week’s Challenge? Was it easy?  I know it was simple, but simple ain’t always easy. One thing you can’t say is that it was difficult to implement.  Adding the fruit and fatty foods on a regular basis is, in theory, easy to implement.  All it takes is some planning. One thing I ask my clients is to plan ahead.  Don’t leave your day to chance - plan it out.  Plan your meals, snacks a ...

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3 Simple and Healthy Lunch Swaps

In talking with my clients over the years, lunch is often the “deal breaker” in terms of eating healthy vs. eating junk. Why? To be totally honest I don’t know…it doesn’t make sense to my trainer brain.  Lunch should be relatively simple.  Just plan ahead so you don’t let your food-starved brain make the decision and you’ll be fine. But in the real world, where not everyone lives with my trainer brain (and ...

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