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Do Diets Work? No Traditional Diets Suck!

I started the week off by telling you my “secret” diet and how it is really a no brainer in terms of fat loss, well today I’m going to do a guest newsletter written by the author of Eat Stop Eat, Brad Pilon.When I say that he’s a nutrition expert, that’s really putting it lightly.  The guy pours over research studies like you and I may read the newspaper or a magazine. ...

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Fat Loss Diet Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Making

How was your weekend?  How's your 30 day challenge going?I had a slight slip-up yesterday.  Oh well!How do you eat if you want to lose fat?  What's a good fat loss diet? Those are a couple questions I get quite often from clients and from the public in general when they find out I'm a fat loss and fitness expert.After I speak them a little more, I come to realize that many people are all maki ...

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Fat Loss Tips for Busy Moms

I think the term “busy mom” is really an idiotic statement.  If you’re a mom isn’t it assumed that you’re busy?I can’t think of any mom who wasn’t working her hands to the bone taking care of her family.  It just kind of comes with the territory.Unfortunately, this often doesn’t include much time for yourself when it comes to taking care of your body ...

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I Can’t Lose Stomach Fat! Why Not?

It’s reader mail time! Here is one of the most common questions I get and the way I always respond to it.Q:  I eat right and I workout all the time, but I’m not losing fat.  What else can I do, or what am I doing wrong?A:  I get this question all the time and it’s a very, very frustrating situation to be in to say the least.You think you’re doing everything right, and ...

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Will Eating Fruit Make Me Fat?

"This morning I had a apple...will that make me fat?" "I heard I shouldn't eat fruit because it makes you fat." "Sugar is bad so I don't eat fruit, and it doesn't matter if it's natural or not." Do any of those sound familiar? Those are just a few of the statements and questions I get from clients and subscribers regarding fruit and whether or not it makes you gain fat. I understand where it comes from. Fru ...

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Can Artificial Sweeteners and Diet Soda Make You Gain Weight?

I think it's pretty safe to say you know how bad regular, or "heavy" soda (pop, Coke, or whatever it's called in your area) is to your waist line.It's loaded with sugar and does nothing but make you addicted to caffeine and sugar and make you fat.  It's just that plain and simple.But did you know that diet soda may be as bad or even worse when it comes to fat loss?  Not only that, but di ...

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Can You Save Calories?

Last weekend Andrea and I were out with my sisters and brothers-in-law for dinner and drinks (yes I, the personal trainer, has drinks on the weekend...I'm not a total health nut). That's when I heard it. It's something I've heard from clients before, but I thought I had taught my family better. It's something a lot of people do and think they're helping themselves, when in actuality they're hurting their fa ...

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Can A Smoothie Make You Fat?

Last weekend my wife and I decided we wanted to have a smoothie for lunch.Not one of the smoothies we make from home, no we decided to go to the local place just up the street from our house.We used to go there quite a bit when a good friend of ours was a manager, but haven't been there regularly in quite some time.I've also never looked at the nutrition information on the smoothies we usually get.But why s ...

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