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Fast Workouts To Help You Lose Fat Right Now!

I’ve got a newfound love for fast workouts. Why? Well besides the fact that you can get  A LOT done in a short period of time, which is paramount for a busy dad, busy business owner…and a guy who just doesn’t want to spend every waking moment doing fat loss workouts. Who’d a thought? A personal trainer who doesn’t want to spend all his time doing workouts! But it’s true.  I’ve got better things to do than s ...

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Thursdays Workout

Today’s workout was a full body workout, but most of the focus was on chest presses and shoulder work. I’m working out again tomorrow so I needed to make sure I worked different areas of the body in different ways on both days. Tomorrow will focus more on the “back side” of my body. I’m sure you don’t really care why, just know that you shouldn’t work the same muscle groups two days in a row intensely…usual ...

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Monday Deadlift Workout

I’m changing things up a bit for about a month and am going to workout 5 or 6 days a week, with no cardio in the traditional sense.  No running, jogging, biking, etc. It should be cool. A lot of people still think that you have to do lots of cardio to lose fat and it’s just not true.  Over the past 3 weeks I’ve done cardio maybe twice, and by that I mean cardio in the way most people think about it. I still ...

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The Only Way To Create Fat Loss Workouts

“Why in God’s name do you create some of the workouts that you do?” “Are you trying to kill me with this workout?” “You’re a no good [insert naughty word here] for making me do this you know that right.” Those are just a few of the questions and colorful comments I get from clients, both in my studio and people who have bought my Fat Loss To Go program, about some of the workouts I create and some of the ex ...

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My Weekend Challenge To You

I just had an awesome workout and I’m pretty fired up. I’m fired up because there is no better feeling than what you feel after you’ve had a good workout. Your energy levels are through the roof. Your body feels as though you’re doing something good, rather than killing it by sitting around doing nothing. Your mind is “open” and free of clutter. Your stress levels are minimized. And if you’re like me, your ...

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Wednesday Workout

Man oh man today’s workout was NICE! I haven’t updated you on my workouts for the last week or so, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t worked out.  I’ve just been swamped with work and haven’t had the opportunity to share with you. But thanks for my 15 minute workouts, 10 minute workouts and 4 minute workouts I’ve been able to get in some killer workouts. As I told you yesterday I’m trying to put on some muscle ...

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Are Short Workouts Enough To Lose Fat?

I have a confession to make. I love it when I say something that many people find hard to believe and then science proves me right. Am I bragging? Heck yes I’m bragging! But what am I bragging about? Did science prove that my daughter is the coolest little girl around?  Not yet, but that’s coming I’m sure of it. Did science prove that I’m the coolest dad around?  Unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet eithe ...

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4 Minute Abs Workout

I love weekends. I love getting away from the office for a little while and just relaxing and hanging out with my wife and daughter. I love being able to watch football (that’s American football for you non-Americans) and I almost jumped for joy as my Huskers nearly pulled off a huge upset on Saturday. I also take a break from my regular workouts on the weekends.  Don’t get me wrong, I still try to remain a ...

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