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Butt Kickin’ 10-Minute Workouts For This Week

We got our first measurable amount of snow yesterday. Ya know, snow always sounds cool…until it arrives and you have to drive in it.  Scratch that – you have to be on the road when OTHER people are driving. Although I will say this – I’m actually one of the weird ones in that I actually enjoy scooping snow.  Yes, I know that’s weird and some may say idiotic, but it’s kinda fun to get out there and throw som ...

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10-Minute Fat Loss Workouts For This Week

This time of year is typically the most difficult for people to stick with their workout program. For one reason or another, working out and eating right get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list only to come racing back to the top on January 1. To help make this year different, I decided to give you a week’s worth of 10-minute workouts every week for the remainder of 2009. Some weeks will be all bodyweigh ...

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10-Minute and Bodyweight Workouts for this Week

I haven’t been doing a very good job lately or sharing my personal workouts with you, so I thought I’d give you a little insight into what I’ve been doing this week. It’s been a hectic week (again), so I’m sticking with my 10-minute workouts and doing add-on workouts whenever I have a chance. The difference with some of the workouts the past few weeks is that when I do my workouts at the studio I focus a lo ...

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10 Minute and 4 Minute Workout Videos and My Friday Workout

I’ve been a big slacker lately with my blog posts and I apologize for that.  I have been hella busy over the past couple months, which is a really poor excuse – I hate it when people give me that excuse, so why should I accept it from myself? Oh well, I forgive myself… …that “patting” sound you hear is me giving myself a hug and patting myself on the back. I thought I’d share my personal workout for today, ...

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10 Minute Fat Loss Workout and Abs Workout Videos

Want to know how to embarrass a personal trainer?  Watch him eat a cheeseburger, then watch his reaction when he notices he got mustard all over his nice black wool coat! Oy. Andrea and I were on our way home from a date night on Saturday and needed to get smaller bills to pay the babysitter (my niece), so I thought it would be a good idea to get a cheeseburger. Always good for a personal trainer to admit s ...

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Is Your Fat Loss Workout ‘Hard’ Or Effective And What’s The Difference?

Just because a fat loss workout is hard doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good workout. Did that statement make sense? I’ll give you an example.  Let’s say you go to an exercise class and they make you do a triceps exercise for 3 minutes straight (like kickbacks).  That is very hard to do, but that doesn’t make it a good workout. Any goober in spandex and a tank top can make a fat loss workout difficult. That ...

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10 Minute Bodyweight Workout and Abs Workout Videos

Want to know how to make a fit fella feel like an out-of-shape toad?  Take him to the mountains and make him do a bodyweight workout as soon as you get there. Andrea and I headed up to the mountains of Colorado over the weekend because I had a business meeting and after sitting in the car for 8 hours, I needed to do something to get me loosened up and get the aches out of my muscles. I hadn’t done a workout ...

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Weekly Workout Wrap-up

I haven’t done a very good job lately at updating what my workouts are looking like, so I’ll play a little catch-up. I have been mixing my 10 minute workouts in with workouts geared more towards strength and muscle building.  Some will tell you that you shouldn’t concentrate on more than one thing at once, which is true to a point, but I’ve increased my deadlift by 30 pounds, my bench press by 15 pounds, an ...

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