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Fast Legs Circuit Workout

Howdy! Have you ever told yourself you wanted to have stronger, more toned and defined legs? No? Well why are you reading this? If, however, you have made it this far without giving me a mental slap across the face, and are still interested in stronger butt kickin’ legs, read on because I have a sweet legs circuit workout (and video) for you to try out. This workout is from a larger program I created called ...

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Quick Cardio Workout Video

Hey hey! What’s goin’ on in your world?  Things are rockin’ and rollin’ I presume… All’s well on this front. I’m not going to give you any fancy schmancy openings or rig-a-ma-roll here, I’m just going to cut right to the chase and give you what I’m gonna give you. I have a sweet little Quick Cardio Workout for you to try (but it's not a "normal" cardio workout). The skinny on this puppy is that it’s from a ...

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2 Quick and Simple Workouts For You (Videos!!)

What's goin' on! I have a couple quick and awesome fat bustin' workout videos for you to try out today and I hope you dig ‘em as much as I do. They’re from a recent program I designed called “The Puzzle.” With that program, you are able to pick and choose different circuits that hit your "trouble spots". Want to work your Arms or Legs a bit more?  You can do that. How about your Abs and Core?  You can do th ...

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Quick and Easy Bodyweight Workout

Ready for an AWESOME Bodyweight Workout?! There are certain aspects of workouts that I love… …and others that I absolutely hate. For instance, I hate running.  I hate it with a passion.  Okay, that’s overstating.  I don’t hate it with a passion, but I do greatly dislike running.  If it were on Facebook, I would 'unlike' it - if that were possible....ah scratch that, I actually do hate running. I also don’t ...

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How To Fit In Workouts With A New Baby!

[fb-like] Hey there!  Fit Dad back with a quickie for ya… I’m sure that by now you know I’m a daddy once again (at least hopefully you’ve been reading…) and we’re rolling with it.  Nolan is doing awesome – growing like a new baby should – and all is well on the home front. The ONLY downside is my workouts have been thrown way out of whack – even my short and sweet 10-minute workouts haven’t been happening a ...

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Quick Abs Workout

Howdy, howdy!  How’s your day going? I won’t wine and dine you with some fancy rhetoric; instead I’ll cut right to the point. I did a quick abs workout that was more like a “finisher” yesterday and it has my abs singing today. I define something as a workout “finisher” as a quick circuit or super-set that I do at the end of my regular workout that’s meant to take my muscles to the tipping point…make ‘em bur ...

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Different Types of Planks

Plankety, plankety, plank. We all love Planks…right? If not, you should. Well, if you don’t love them, you should at least tolerate them…mildly. The problem is that the regular plank is boring!  Just the thought of holding myself in that position to make it count makes me want to take a nap! I get comments from people on YouTube all the time about how they can hold a Plank for 3, 4 or even 5 minutes and my ...

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Fat Loss Workout Twist To Turn The Heat Up A Notch Or Two!

[fb-like] Buenos Dias! How’s life treating you?  Life’s rockin’ and rolling around here.  It’s cold, the streets are slick and evidently we’re supposed to get a crap-ton of snow. How much is a crap-ton? Evidently it’s a lot and I’ll be sure to let you know once I figure that out. I wanted to share with you an exercise tip that I’ve been using to create my personal fat loss workouts, and even some of the wor ...

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