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Quick Leg Exercise and Lower Body Workout Tip (Video)

Do you like lunges, or leg exercises in general? I have a love/hate relationship with lower body workouts (including the leg exercise we're going to talk about), as do many of my clients, but I’m a mean and nasty trainer guy and make them do the nasty exercises anyway. They’re too dang good, but I agree that they do hurt.  They make your legs burn and shake, and if you do them enough, make it difficult to w ...

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Fusion Conditioning Fat Loss Workout

It’s Workout Time!! Over the recent past I have been tinkering with my 10-minute workout “flow” trying to make it the best and most effective use of your time and I think what I’ve been using lately is pretty wicked. I call it Fusion Conditioning and it’s a great way to burn a ton of calories in a little bit of time, while also working those trouble spots we all love to hate (and even making you stronger). ...

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Simple Way To Boost The Intensity Of Your Fat Loss Workout

Video Shows You How To Boost The Intensity Of Your Fat Loss Workout So how was your weekend?  Mine was fine and dandy.  A little hectic, but fine and dandy nonetheless.  Thanks to the fact that my internal alarm clock goes off at around 5:00am every morning, if not earlier, I was able to get some new equipment put up Saturday morning before my first client and I'm pretty pumped about using it. I have a pret ...

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Abs Workout DVD and AWESOME Diet Program

Howdy! I’ve been trying to figure out how I can incorporate the way Nolan crawls into a workout program, but just can’t seem to find a way to throw in a break dancing move.  He does ‘the worm’ rather than crawl and it is very entertaining.  The kid can get anywhere he wants simply by getting onto his hands and knees, rocking, then pushing forward and flopping onto his stomach – which puts him forward about ...

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New Abs Workout Program

You like abs, right? Well, you may not like your abs right now, but you like working your abs because…well who doesn’t! I’m no different.  I loves working me some abs, but the problem is it can get a bit stale and boring. So I went into the studio one beautiful afternoon and decided to do some abs workout tinkering. It was pretty stinkin’ fun.  I had a basic idea that I thought would be cool for you to see ...

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The Fit Dad’s Current Workout Program

Let’s talk about workout programs, shall we? Not just ANY workout program, but the program I’m doing right now. One of the coolest parts of my “job” is designing a fun and funky workout program.  I love it.   I love it about as much as Nolan likes chewing on anything he can get his grubby little mitts on (which is everything - teething!!). I tend to stick to the programs I design for myself for at least 2 m ...

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Quick and Simple Abs Workout Tips (video)

Hey! What's goin down in your world today?  I have a sweet little video demonstrating a couple abs workout tips that I'd like to share with you. For some reason, anytime I start to write about abs workouts and exercise my mind tends to wander to infomercials. I love watching infomercials.  Sunday morning seems to be the best day to get your fill because they’re on virtually every channel. Get rich quick sch ...

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Quick Abs Workout In 7 Minutes (Video)

Hey! What’s happenin? All’s well on this end of the computer screen.  Family’s doing awesome, workouts are going awesome and my abs have been poppin’! How’s that you say? How does a dude like me get his abs to pop? First, I cut the crap out that I’ve been eating lately.  I eat pretty damn well most of the time, but have let myself have a few too many treats – I justified the foods by saying I was stressed, ...

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