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Bodyweight Workout In 10 Minutes

I’m hangin’ at home with the two goblins kiddos this afternoon, and after a full day of training clients and no extra “studio time” that means I wasn’t able to get my normal workout in. Sad face. I was actually looking forward to doing one of my Puzzle workouts today. Oh well. But… Never fear! Just because I can’t train at the studio, or you can’t fit in a workout at a gym, or you’re on the road and don’t h ...

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The Fit Dad’s Workout 5/15/12

I haven’t been able to train since last Wednesday and it’s been driving me a bit bonkers. Not that I didn’t want to train, and to be totally honest I probably could’ve fit it in but I would’ve hated every second of it and been totally wiped out, which defeats the purpose of the Lifestyle. Andrea was out of town for 4 days so it was just me and the kids, which meant a lot less productive time and a lot more ...

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10 Minute Workout Program

Hey! How's everything in your world? Today I thought I’d do something a bit different. In the past I have given you my workout programs, both 10 minute workout programs and those that have taken longer, but only in text form.  Rarely have I filmed my actual workouts and shared that with you. I’ve also given you videos of individual 10-minute workouts to do from home, or on the road, but haven’t really put t ...

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Quick and Effective Tabata Workout (8 of ’em)

A few weeks ago on my Facebook page I mentioned the workout I did that day and received a pretty good response - and a good response is either “Awesome!” or “Holy crap that sounded horrible!” - both of those make me smile deep down in my liver. The kicker was this workout, like most I design, was really quick. After warming up on the foam roller and doing a few bodyweight exercises, it only took about 18-20 ...

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Fat Blasting Workout Assignment

Hey hey! So how was your weekend? How have your workouts been coming along? Have you been doing them consistently? Have you been working intensely during your workouts or going through the motions? Those are the two most important aspects of any workout program – consistently and working hard. If you’re not consistent, you can’t expect results. If you’re not working hard, you can expect poor results…or none ...

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A Whole Bunch of Diet Information and Workouts

Hey! How’s your weekend coming?  As of this instant, it is mid-afternoon on a beautiful Sunday and Nolan just woke up from his nap.  I was going to say Nolan was napping and Maren was coloring in her room, but I just heard the tell-tale signs of a 1-year old awakening...crying :) I am currently sitting in my “office” at home, which is really just a desk in the corner of our dining room - I lost my office wh ...

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Story About A Busy Dad…and a 10-minute workout

I have a sweet 10-minute workout program you can do from home for you today, but before we get to that I want to share a quick story with you. A couple weeks ago I did a ‘phone consultation’ with a potential client and we were at an impasse. He wanted to train with me, but between our crazy schedules, it wasn’t going to work out. He was a busy fella.  He wasn’t totally self-employed, but his boss let him do ...

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Incredibly Simple, Yet Effective Bodyweight Workout

Hey! So how'd you do with last week's Challenge? Were you able to fit those push-ups, squats and burpees in on a regular basis? I did last week's Challenge and absolutely loved it. It was quick and simple and added a lot of extra "oomph" to my workouts. Good times I assure you! I have another workout-themed Challenge for you this week and it's awesome. To tell you the truth it's probably one of my all-time ...

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