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Can You Workout Too Much?

The past few weeks have been kind of stressful for me and usually when this happens I can take my frustrations out on my workouts and feel fantastic.

However this time was different. Last week I was just feeling run-down. I didn’t feel like I had that much energy and when I tried to force myself to workout last Tuesday I just couldn’t do it.

I had no energy.

So I stopped.

I said to heck with it and didn’t finish my workout.

Sure I could’ve forced myself and continued on. A crappy workout is better than no workout, right?

Not totally.

I know myself well enough to know when I’m just tired or when I’m over-worked and too stressed. That’s how I was feeling earlier in the week.

I hadn’t been sleeping well and was trying to accomplish too much and it left me very stressed.More…

So I took the whole week off from working out.

I still trained clients, but that’s not that much of a workout for me.

When I did my boot camps, I didn’t do as much of the workout with the ladies as I usually do.

Now today I feel fantastic.

I have energy and feel refreshed so I worked out this morning.

Not a typical workout because I did an easy bodyweight workout that didn’t last very long, but I worked out and felt fantastic afterward.

The key to knowing when to not workout is knowing yourself. You need to understand the difference between just being tired and being worn out.

If you’re tired, you can still do your fat loss workouts, but if you’re worn out you need to take a break.

Re-charge your batteries by doing some leisurely activity that you like.

Take a day off work and just hang out.

Do the opposite of whatever has been stressing you out.

For me that was “unplugging” myself from the internet and my computer as much as possible and just relaxing.

What would that be for you?

I guess my whole point is that you need to know yourself. That sounds kind of “new age”, but it’s true. You need to understand how your body feels in order to determine whether or not you should do your fat loss workout or take a day or two off.

Your body will thank you for it. Surprisingly you may even lose more fat

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