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Can You Save Calories?

Last weekend Andrea and I were out with my sisters and brothers-in-law for dinner and drinks (yes I, the personal trainer, has drinks on the weekend…I’m not a total health nut).

That’s when I heard it.

It’s something I’ve heard from clients before, but I thought I had taught my family better.

It’s something a lot of people do and think they’re helping themselves, when in actuality they’re hurting their fat loss goals.

My sister said that she didn’t eat very much earlier in the day so she could eat worse later in the day.

She thought she was “saving calories” by not eating them earlier and that would make it OK to eat more with dinner.

In my sister’s defense a lot of people think this and put this into practice quite often.

Unfortunately that’s not the way your body works.

You can’t eat little to nothing early in the day and then eat lots of calories later in the day.

Sure you may think you came in “under” on total calories for the day, but that’s not even the case.

Most meals/drinks eaten when this rationale is taken are thousands of calories in total, not hundreds.

Heavy meals like pastas, sandwiches with lots of sauces or melted cheeses, foofy foofy alcoholic drinks and desserts that are loaded with so many calories they’d make the guy who takes 5 trips to the buffet line stop and shake his head.

Plus your body just doesn’t understand the thought of “saving calories.”

Your body can only process so many calories at once and if you consume more calories than your body can process at one time, the remainder will more than likely get stored as body fat.

Stored in the form of stomach fat, hip and thigh fat, butt fat, man boobs for the fellas or bra fat for the ladies.

Please don’t misunderstand.

I’m not saying you can’t treat yourself every now and again.  You should treat yourself on a regular basis if you’re on a fat loss plan.  It helps keep you sane and looking forward to something so you don’t splurge.

All I’m saying is that you can’t skip meals or eat like a rabbit for part of the day in the hopes of “saving calories” for some event or meal later on in the day.

It won’t matter and might even make you gain more fat.

So the next time you have that thought, block it out and keep eating normally (healthfully) and allow yourself a couple treats rather than going crazy and feasting like it’s your last meal.

If you’ve working out with consistency and eating healthy fat fighting foods the majority of the time, the occasional treats won’t derail you.

Have a good day!


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