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Can You Handle The Truth?

not losing weightAs of this writing it’s December 24, which means the year is almost over.

11 months have gone by, and they’ve gone by too fast if you ask me

My son is going to be 2 years old in a couple months and my daughter just turned 6, I turned 34, and Andrea is the same age she was last year because she doesn’t age (how’s that for skirting the subject of age with your wonderful wife?).

Sweet Holy Crapanoli!

The days, weeks and months have ticked by.

Meals have been eaten, drinks have been drunk (drank?), and naps have been taken.

A mouthful of teeth have popped into Nolan’s mouth, he’s gone from stumbling around to running, from making incomprehensible sounds to talking, and has learned the fine art of climbing…and slapping his sister.

She has started kindergarten, done homework, made new friends and “aged” way too fast.  She’s a strong little lady and that makes daddy proud.

Let’s jump into our make-believe time travel capsule like we’re watching an After School Special from 1988 and go back to January 1 of this year. 

Does your brain allow you to back all those months?

What would you see if you were looking down on yourself a la Scrooge from “A Christmas Carol”?

Would you see yourself making another fitness or diet related resolution?

Telling yourself you’re going to start anew, lose that damn weight, get stronger and feel awesome?

Stop those nasty eating habits that have plagued you for years, end the laziness that constantly allows you to skip workouts, or the weekend blow-ups?

I’m sure a few of you would also see yourself hungover stumbling for a cup of coffee 🙂

What would that version of you, from January 1, think of today’s version of you?

Would the January 1 version be happy with your progress, and amazed at all you’ve accomplished in just 11 months?  Would the January 1 version be ecstatic that your waist is smaller in November, you’re able to crank out rep-after-rep of advanced versions of push-ups and that you now actually CRAVE real, healthy foods?

Or, would the January 1 version of you be depressed, pissed and ready to slap today’s version of you upside the head for letting another 11 months slip away?

Be honest. 

Which would the January 1 version of you see?  Would the historical you be pleased or pissed; happy or slap-happy; ready to jump for joy or ready to go back to bed?

I don’t know the statistics, and am entirely too lazy to seek them out, but common sense tells me that most folks who set that kind of goal are usually not very pleased this time of year given that most people set the same goals year after year.

The good news is it’s okay!

You don’t have to worry about whether or not the January 1 version of you would rather spike your coffee with ex-lax or put itching powder in your sheets for letting another 11 months slip by.

You know why?

The year is NOT over.  There’s still a week left.

“So what Ed!  I can’t possibly achieve much in a month!  Plus it’s the craziest week of the year!”

Pish Posh.

A week is more than enough time to not only achieve awesome results, but set yourself up to stay on track through the New Year so you NEVER have to set that same damn resolution again.

How would you feel if on the coming January 1 you woke up feeling great, or at least mostly great, because you knew you were well on the path to achieving your goals?  Not only that, but you’re 8 pounds lighter than you were just 7 days ago, your clothes fit better, and you’re stronger, with endless amounts of natural energy.

Plus you actually made it through the toughest part of the year, a week full of temptation and chances to buy new “fat pants” and just let that elastic expand with your stomach!

You made it through the time of year that is so wrought with chances to skip workouts, stay in bed, or allow the sad, sad excuse of “I don’t have time” to creep into your ear holes.

That is a crowning achievement.  An achievement worthy of praise and maybe even a primal scream or two.

You have the chance to start today…as in right now. 

You have the chance to end the year on a strong note, and start shedding all your unwanted fat – and you’d be amazed how much you could actually lose in a measly little 7 days.

You have the chance to fulfill what you told yourself you’d do, or not do, way back on January 1 of this year.

So what are you to do now that you’ve nodded your head and agreed – which in my book is a blood contract?

First, you must write out exactly what you want.  How much do you want to lose, how many inches do you want off your stomach, etc.?

Write it all out, then flip it around and write it out as an “I am” statement.  Imagine you’re sitting down 7 days from now and are writing out how great you feel because of all you’ve achieved in the past month.  That’s an “I am” statement.

So rather than saying, “I want to lose 4 pounds and .5 inches off my stomach in the next 7 days” you’d say something like…

“It feels so awesome to have lost 6 pounds and nearly .75 inches off my waist in the past 7 days!  Not only did I achieve what I wanted to with my weight, but it feels so great knowing I didn’t skip one workout, my endurance with my workouts have improved and I actually look forward to exercising and feel guilty if I let the day get away from me.  Plus I wake up every morning feeling energetic.  A week ago I used to drag my sorry butt out of bed and it took 2 cups of coffee to pry my eyes open, but now I’m ready as soon as my feet touch the floor!  It’s crazy how much better I feel just because I dedicated myself to having “XX” for lunch every day and didn’t freak out if I messed up with my diet because I knew the entirety of the week (or month…) was more important than one meal.”

See what I’m saying?

One is vague and has no power, while the other has feeling.  It has passion and happiness.  It’s written from the point of view that you’ve already achieved what you wanted, and are happy for all you’ve accomplished.

My personal belief is that once you write that out your mind will take over and push your body to get to that point.

It may sound weird, but I believe it to be true.  If you don’t believe me, just try it and see what happens.  You may find out I’m a cook, or, more than likely you’ll find out I was right.

After you write out your “I am” statement it’s time to get down to work.

When it comes to diet I’m a big fan of the “Assignment” or “Mission Method,” which allows you to put your focus on one area at a time, before moving on to something else.

For instance your mission for today may be to consume 4 servings of vegetables and 4 servings of fruit.  That’s your primary goal for the day.

Tomorrow your goal may be to cut out “mini-cheats” which can add up to hundreds of worthless calories.

The next day your goal may be to go “no carb” for the day.

Those are just a few quick examples, that have no flow whatsoever and are there for illustrative purposes.  The idea behind the concept is that it gives you something to focus on for the day, or week, and even though you may move on to something else the next day, what you did yesterday will still be fresh in your mind and if it’s a healthy Mission, you’re much more likely to continue on.

So even though your Mission tomorrow, or next week, isn’t to get 4 servings of fruits and 4 servings of vegetables, that thought will still be fresh in your mind, plus it’s a good idea anyway, and you’re pretty likely to at least get 3 and 3 just by a newfound habit – and it’ll make you feel a bazillion times better.

Note:  If you’d like a set of awesome, and effective, Missions, check out the 28-Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge by clicking here.

Catch my drift?

I don’t think we need to go into workouts in this Essay.  I’ve given you enough workouts over the weeks and months that you should have a folder full of ‘em.  (If you need more freebies from me go to my Youtube Channel –> Click Here and check some of those out).

Plus you’ve more than likely bought a program or two over the past few months that hasn’t been used.

Just do it.

Do the damn workout program and put your full effort into it for the next 30 days.never give up

No excuses, no whining, no whimpering.

Do it, do it, do it. 

You don’t need an angel to appear in your dreams to tell you to do your workouts.  You know you need to do them, so do them.

I know there will be days you don’t feel like it, and just want to skip.  Those days will always happen.

I want you to make me a deal for the next month.

If you don’t feel like doing a workout, just do something.  It doesn’t matter if it’ll take 5 minutes or 2.  Just do something…anything.

If you normally workout in the morning, but you wake up not wanting to do it, at least start.

Do a few push-ups and bodyweight squats.  Commit to 3 sets of 10 each and see how you feel.

I’ll betcha dollars to donuts you’ll feel invigorated and want to continue.

If I had a dollar every time one of my clients told me they were thinking of canceling but came in anyway and felt great afterward I’d be filthy rich, with like $100 or something.

I joke, but it is amazing how this one little commitment leads to a full on workout and with you starting out feeling like crap, but ending up feeling awesome.

Trust me.

Don’t wait until next week to get started…

… Start today.  Start NOW.  Get up, get moving and end 2012 on a high note, the highest of high notes!

Go into 2013 strong!

Talk soon!


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