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Awesomely Effective Way To Work Your Legs & Butt (Videos Inside)

Hey!  Welcome to Workout Wednesday!

Have you ever used Carpet Sliders in your workout?  The brand name version is the Valslide, and it’s an awesome workout tool.

I use the el cheapo version, which you can buy at most “big box” stores over by the furniture movers.

I’ve been using them in my studio for the past couple years and absolutely love them.

They can take any basic exercise like a Reverse Lunge, and make it a little more difficult because you can “stretch” that back leg further, which makes the front leg ahve to work harder to pull you back up, and it makes you a bit more instable, which forces the core to work harder

What do you say we go over a few different legs exercises using the sliders?

3 Legs & Butt Exercise Variations Using Carpet Sliders

YouTube Preview Image

Simple enough, right?

Remember to use good form while doing those exercises.  I’d hate to see you jack up your groin from going a bit too far on the lunges!

You also need to remember to really focus on the muscles being used.  The slider can make it a little easier to simply go through the motions and not focus on the muscles being used.  Don’t allow that to happen.

When doing a lunge, really focus on driving that heel into the ground and flexing the butt to get back to the starting position.

On the same token, really focus on pulling with your heels, and hamstrings, while doing the leg curls – and also remember to let your legs extend all the way.


How about a quick workout using a couple of those exercises?

Quick Weight Loss Workout Using Carpet Sliders

YouTube Preview Image

In case you didn’t get the entirety of the workout written down for future use, here’s the flow

1A) Reverse Lunge (sliders) – 10/leg

1B) Close Grip Push-up – 10 reps

1C) Leg Curl (sliders) – 12 reps

1D) Mountain Climber (sliders) – 15 reps/leg

1E) 1-Leg Burpee – 8 reps

Easy enough, right?

Give that workout a go, and run out to buy some sliders of your own – either the Valslides or the el cheapo version like I use.  One benefit of the Valslide is that she includes workouts, and other tips for maximizing the effectiveness of the tool.

Talk soon!


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