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Weight Loss Diet Tip Through Addition and Subtraction?

I’m going to make this weight loss diet tip short and sweet. It’s actually more than a tip, it’s something I actually want you to do and then tell me about your plan. For the next week, I want you to add something good for you that you don’t normally eat to your daily diet and I want you to subtract something bad. It doesn’t have to be a huge, ground shaking diet change, anything will do BUT you have to do ...

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Diet and Nutrition Questions & Answers and a Weekend Goose Attack

Have you ever been attacked by a goose? We almost were over the weekend while on a bike ride.  We stopped at a pond so Maren could feed the ducks and a family of geese swam over and Mama Goose started hissing… …I had no idea geese hissed.  She scared the baby ducks away while her whole group got out of the water and walked toward us with Mama Goose still hissing and puffing her chest.  I didn’t want to see ...

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Weekend Bodyweight Workout and Easy Nutrition Tip

I wanted to end out your week by sending you one of my favorite bodyweight workouts as well as a simple nutrition tip to help save you from your weekend guilt trip – you know what I mean, the saying of “I’m done eating like this, starting today I’m eating clean.” I know people who go through that thought process on a routine basis.  They start the weekend off excited as a 2 year old chasing a frog (which ha ...

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How Often Do You Need To Change Your Workout And Why I Hate Pink

Whenever I pick Maren up from daycare she asks to listen to “So What” by Pink on the ride home. Personally I hate the song for no other reason than it’s just unbelievably annoying.  Plus I hear it all the time in my training studio. I try to get her to listen to something new every time – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and when it doesn’t I tell a little white lie and say I don’t have it on my iPo ...

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10 Minute and 4 Minute Workout Videos and My Friday Workout

I’ve been a big slacker lately with my blog posts and I apologize for that.  I have been hella busy over the past couple months, which is a really poor excuse – I hate it when people give me that excuse, so why should I accept it from myself? Oh well, I forgive myself… …that “patting” sound you hear is me giving myself a hug and patting myself on the back. I thought I’d share my personal workout for today, ...

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Why Did I Work My Butt Off For Months On These Videos?

Back in December, I sent an email to all my subscribers and clients asking what they wanted from me in 2009. I didn’t know what the response would be given it was pretty close to the end of the year and people don’t tend to read email given all the other stuff going on in their lives. I thought the last thing they would do is respond to me telling me what they wanted. Holy crap was I wrong! My inbox was flo ...

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Videos, Videos Holy Crap There’s A Lot Of Videos…And A Major Screw-Up

Have you ever experienced one of those times where you feel like you bit off more than you could chew, but have to go through with it because you made a promise to yourself? I’m having one of those right now. A few months ago I decided to set out on a big journey. Clients have been asking, poking, prodding and demanding that I make videos of the workouts in Fat Loss To Go.  Some people are visual learners a ...

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Liver Damage, Death…and Lawsuits, Oh My! Hydroxycut FDA warning

“This has to be a joke.” That’s the tamed down and censored version of what went through my head last week when a report came out alerting consumers to stop using one of the most popular brands of diet pills, Hydroxycut, because there have been reports linking it to liver damage and even a death. Here’s a direct quote from the FDA’s alert:  “FDA has received 23 reports of serious health problems ranging fro ...

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