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Ed Scow, aka 'The Fit Dad'

Ed Scow, also known as "The Fit Dad", likes long walks on the beach, snuggling, hand stand push-ups and pretending to work. He's also a fitness & nutrition expert, proud papa and husband to a smokin' hot wifey.

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Do You Take Supplements?

Hey! Quick question - Do you take supplements? If yes, what do you take? Supplementation is one of the big questions I receive and I totally understand why.  It’s a confusing, mind-boggling market with so much hype, lies and outright fraud it can make your head spin! For the record I’m a big fan of supplements.  I take ‘em on a daily basis and experiment on the regular to see if there’s any benefit or if th ...

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Is Fruit Juice Okay? How Do I Keep Making Progress With Weight Loss? Q&A Session

Hey! I had a very good response to the message earlier in the week where we discussed Focus and Simplicity and how I was able to help a client really hone in what she truly wanted and get her to her goals faster. Actually the response was a bit overwhelming - so don’t be mad if I haven’t responded yet! We’re going to do a bit of Q&A today and the questions they are tasty. One covers fruit, and more spec ...

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Simple 10-Minute Bodyweight Workout and Add-On Abs Workout

Hey! Sunday afternoon, during Maren’s “Rest Time,” I heard what sounded like jumping in our bedroom. I was curious for two reasons… First, why was she jumping. Second, why was she jumping in our room and not her’s? I went up to investigate, because her brother was napping and if he doesn’t get a decent nap he’s a bear, and found her in the middle of a set of burpees. I asked what she was doing and she breat ...

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Change Your Focus, Change Your Body

A couple weeks ago I had a consultation with an awesome lady. ================================= Keep reading if you’re a dude because it applies to you too! ================================= She’d lost a bit of weight on her own, but reached that plateau that is so mind-boggling frustrating. She’d worked her butt off, saw some results, got frustrated, worked “harder,” saw a little change, got angry and push ...

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Eat Like Crap Last Weekend? Easy Tips To Fix It

This past weekend was NOT friendly in the nutrition department in the World of Ed. I ate poorly…actually let’s just call it what it is and say I ate like crap. Bleh. I hate weekends where that happens.  I know what I should do, and I know all the tricks to keep myself from going off the deep end, but sometimes it all explodes. Ever have one of those weekends, or maybe weeks? You know what you should do, but ...

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Bodyweight Workout In 10 Minutes

I’m hangin’ at home with the two goblins kiddos this afternoon, and after a full day of training clients and no extra “studio time” that means I wasn’t able to get my normal workout in. Sad face. I was actually looking forward to doing one of my Puzzle workouts today. Oh well. But… Never fear! Just because I can’t train at the studio, or you can’t fit in a workout at a gym, or you’re on the road and don’t h ...

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Simple Summer Weight Loss Tips

I had a stark realization the other day, while playing in the yard with the kiddos, and it kinda freaked me a bit. The realization was that summer was coming, and it was coming quick and it wasn’t going to wait for me, or anyone else, to be ready. I had this realization for a couple reasons. First, I was wearing a tank top and noticed my arms were crazy white. I’m a white dude by nature - not just my race, ...

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The Fit Dad’s Workout 5/15/12

I haven’t been able to train since last Wednesday and it’s been driving me a bit bonkers. Not that I didn’t want to train, and to be totally honest I probably could’ve fit it in but I would’ve hated every second of it and been totally wiped out, which defeats the purpose of the Lifestyle. Andrea was out of town for 4 days so it was just me and the kids, which meant a lot less productive time and a lot more ...

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