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Are You Busting Your Ass?

Given that I actually train people on a daily basis, I can control (to a certain degree) how hard they work.

Granted there are situations when I don’t push someone very hard – goals, their mood, how they’re feeling, age, etc. are all factors in how hard I push someone.

But what’s for certain is how hard I push MYSELF in my own workouts – I always bust my butt and keep the intensity cranked up.  If I’m feeling tired or run-down, I’ll still keep the intensity up but I’ll cut the time down.  If I’m feeling good, I’ll crank the intensity up even more and lengthen the workout a bit (but never longer than 25 minutes).

Far too few people actually follow through with the “kick your butt” mentality when it comes to workouts and that’s a shame because it’s vital if you want to see results plus the higher the intensity the better you feel when you’re done.  There’s just something magical about a killer workout that sends your endorphins through the roof.

I made a quick video about the importance of busting your own ass in your workouts.

Like to see it, here it go…

YouTube Preview Image

So what do you think?  Am I off base or does what I’m saying make sense?

Have an awesome day!

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