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Are You A Food Pervert?

Don't be a food pervert and don't use your boobs as a cup holder

Don't be a food pervert and don't use your boobs as a cup holder

Last week I was giving a presentation to a group of moms and I was talking about how important it is to eat nuts like almonds and peanuts when trying to lose weight.

It was right then that one of the moms raised her hand.

I knew it was coming.  I knew what the question was before she asked…

“Does it matter what kind of almonds I eat?”  “My husband likes to make smoked almonds, are those OK?”

No, those are not OK if you are trying to lose weight and get more toned.

That’s what I mean when I say food perversion.

The food industry (and some crafty cooks) has taken foods that are healthy, fat-burning foods, and turned them into massive weight gain bombs.

Nuts are just one example, and it’s one of the reasons I used to be so hesitant about recommending peanuts.

Peanuts, in their raw, unadulterated state, are awesome fat burning foods.  They’re high in fiber, protein and healthy fats.

But the food industry has perverted them into unhealthy calorie bombs.

Honey roasted, smoked, salted, jalapeno flavored are just some of the examples of the perverted peanuts.

The average consumer doesn’t think they’re unhealthy because they’re peanuts and peanuts are supposed to be OK.

What they don’t know is that they’ve just added hundreds of unnecessary calories that will wind up sitting right on top of their waistline.

The same thing has happened with yogurt.  Food manufacturers add all sorts of stuff to yogurt and them market it specifically to women or kids.  The bad thing is that they’re loaded with sugars, artificial flavorings and colorings and are just plain bad for you.

Even if they added fruit to the yogurt, they more than likely added sugar to make it actually taste like the fruit’s supposed to taste, as opposed to the rotting glob of strawberry you are actually getting.

Many dehydrated fruits have sugar, or artificial sweeteners and other additives, added to them like certain brands of raisins, craisins, apple and banana chips, etc.

The really bad thing is that many of these “good for you foods” are marketed to our kids.

Food manufacturers take what us parents view to be a health food, then twist and pervert its nutrients to turn it into a glorified candy bar and we’re none the wiser…

…unless you pay attention.

That’s the only way to combat food perversion.

You have to pay attention when shopping.  Don’t grab the first thing off the shelf with the pretty packaging.  Look at the ingredients and make sure it’s OK.

Buy the REAL versions of the food instead of the perverted ones.

No sugar added yogurts.

Real fruit.

Raw nuts – which can be bought in bulk and save you loads of money.

Nobody wants to be viewed as a pervert, so don’t be a food pervert.

Have a great day!


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