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Are Short Workouts Enough To Lose Fat?

I have a confession to make.

I love it when I say something that many people find hard to believe and then science proves me right.

Am I bragging?

Heck yes I’m bragging!

But what am I bragging about?

Did science prove that my daughter is the coolest little girl around?  Not yet, but that’s coming I’m sure of it.

Did science prove that I’m the coolest dad around?  Unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet either…and I doubt it sure it ever will.

What I’m talking about is a study I just read that compared the “traditional” way of doing resistance training where you do an exercise…rest…do another set of the same exercise…rest, etc. versus doing a modified circuit similar to what I teach in my 10 minute workouts and 4 minute workouts where you use less “load”, resistance, weight, or whatever you want to call it, but the rest periods are much less, the workout time is much less and the repetitions are higher.

Here’s the study info:  Murphy and Schwarzkopf
Effects of standard set and circuit weight training on excess post-exercise oxygen consumption
The Journal of Applied Sport Science Research (JASSR), 6(2) 1992

So what do you think they found?  Is the way I teach you to workout through my Fat Loss To Go program, via my training programs, workouts in these newsletters and videos the best way to lose fat or am I just some big dope feeding you full of worthless advice preying on your hopes that you can get effective workouts in under 15 minutes, 10 minutes or even 4 minutes?

Thankfully I’m not a big dope…at least in this instance because the researchers found that the group who did the modified circuits got better results and burned A LOT MORE FAT because of something called EPOC.

All EPOC means is that when the workout is done and you’re sitting at your desk surfing the internet…I mean working…you’re still burning lots of fat.

EPOC means that you burn fat long after you’re done working out, which is much more important than how many calories you burn while you’re actually doing the workout.  That’s a number that no one can peg and is really worthless in the grand scheme of things.

It’s worthless because it’s meaningless…and that statement makes no sense whatsoever does it.

Let me say that in a different way.

Let’s say that the machine you’re using or some fancy heart rate monitor tells you that in your workout you just burned 400 calories.

You feel good about burning 400 calories, but what if I told you that because of the WAY you exercised your excess calorie burning stopped there.

On the other hand, what if I told you that because of the WAY you exercised not only did you just burn 400 calories, but you’re also going to keep your calorie burning elevated the rest of the day meaning you’ll burn more fat the remainder of the day.

Which style of exercise would you stick to? The first or second?

If you’re like most you’d stick with the second, which is what the study I cited earlier is telling you to do, which is the exact way I tell you to workout.

Using interval training for your cardio, short but intense circuits and short, but intense super-set workouts are THE best way to burn fat when you don’t have the time, energy or want to spend hours in the gym.

One more thing I didn’t mention about the study is the amount of time it took for the two groups to finish their workouts.

The group that did the regular workout took 50 minutes to complete, while the modified circuit group, the group who lost more fat, took only 19 minutes.  Their workouts used the exact same number of exercises, the only difference was the way the workouts were performed.

So you tell me, which way of training do you want to do?  Less time with better results or longer workouts that waste a lot of time with worse results?

Have a good day!


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