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A Nutrition Assignment and Knowing When To Go Tough

Are you being a weenie?

Nobody likes a weenie…

Guys, your lady doesn’t like it when you wimp out…no matter what the reason.

Ladies, your fella doesn’t like it when you can’t open a jar or pick something moderatley heavy up.  Some may say it makes him feel good being your “tough guy”, and some may say he’s being chivalrous, but truth be told, a guy likes knowing his girlfriend or wife is tough enough to do certain things.  That doesn’t mean you should expect to do them, he just likes knowing you CAN.

Did you notice the difference in the 2 explanations?  I’m not picking on ladies or guys – I’m just telling you the truth…nobody likes a wimp.

Having said that, a very common question I receive involves knowing when to add weight or when to step it up and make an exercise tougher.Ask_The_Fit_Dad

I decided to throw that explanation into a Podcast.

I also give you a nutrition assignment I want you to work on over the next week or so.  It’s pretty simple, so I shouldn’t get too many complaints.

Check out the Podcast and get the answer to the “weight question” and nutrition assignment below…

[podcast format=”video”] Assignment and Adding Weight.m4a[/podcast]

Have anything you’d like covered in a future Podcast?  Let me know in the comments section and I’ll cover it.

Have an awesome day!


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