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A New Addition To The Family! Announcing Baby Nolan!



Well…the time has come! Duke is finally here!

My new baby boy, Nolan!

He made his triumphant arrival yesterday at 11:21am and, no, his name is NOT Duke. His name is Nolan Edward and he weighed in at a whopping 6 pounds, 9 ounces (I’m kidding when I say ‘whopping’) and a length of 20 1/4 inches.

That’s a picture of the the little man ==>

We are very excited!

This has been a whirlwind 14 months or so with all that’s gone on, but having a new child is icing on the cake to things rockin’ and rollin’!

I also have another reason for emailing today while I’m sitting in the hospital trying to eat well and hanging with mommy, Maren and Nolan.

Side Note: Before I go any further, I should remind all my past customers that they should have received an even cooler email from me a couple days ago that details how they are already receiving the good stuff I’m going to mention…

I’d like to formally announce the introduction of a brand new program I’ve created called Fit Parent Force Monthly.

What is it exactly?

The short explanation is it’s a magazine (digital) and Workout Of The Month.

Here’s why I created this program, aside from giving you a ton of good stuff on a regular basis…

The incredibly very short and abbreviated version as to why I did this is because I want to provide you with MORE awesome stuff. MORE awesome workouts (full workouts) to do from home, MORE nutrition and diet information, MORE myth busting and scam busting and MORE chances to try out new programs before I unveil them to the world.

Not only that, but I wanted to create a venue for other busy moms and dads to get one-on-one access to yours truly when they have questions or problems.  I receive a ton of emails on a regular basis and The Fit Parent Force is a way for them to ask any and every question they have and get honest answers (and quick responses).

Many past customers remember my writing my exclusive 28-Day Diet and giving it to them as a gift at the beginning of the year. One reason was because I wanted to help jump start their New Year and the other was because I wanted to test the diet out before I tweaked it a bit and started selling it – which I have recently started doing.

It’s good to be a client 🙂

He's constantly putting his hands in front of his face 🙂

So what’s in the new Fit Parent Force Monthly?

Every month you will receive a new digitally delivered magazine covering 3 different topics – Mental, Nutrition and Exercise.

As an example, this month’s issue, which was just released, covers the mental side effects of Yo-Yo Dieting, we dive into the confusing aspect of meal timing and whether you really need to freak out about when to eat and if you need all that protein before/after a workout (all honesty…no hype) and the exercise section covers the top 6 workout mistakes I’ve seen over my long career in the fitness world – some of those mistakes I still commit on a regular basis. If you commit these mistakes on a regular basis, you will not achieve your goals and you will be tremendously frustrated…that I promise.

That’s just this month!

Oh, I forgot about the recipes. I also include a few recipes every month. This month I give you a few healthy dessert recipes. I’m actually going to be expanding this section in future issues because of its tremendous value.

What about the workouts?

Each month you will receive a new Workout Of The Month and each has its own “Theme.”

This month’s workout is called “The Puzzle!” and it’s awesome. I created 6 different circuits and you put two of those circuits together to form 1 workout. Each Puzzle Piece has its own focus – Legs, Abs, Arms and Fat Burning – which mean you can focus on certain trouble areas.

Kinda cool, right!

That’s just this month! You also receive access to the December and January magazines and Workouts Of The Month as well!

So what’s this puppy gonna cost?

You get it for next to nothing over the next few days.

In honor of the new addition to our family, I’m having a sale. This sale will only last 3 days, and then the price is doubling…at least.

So what’s the cost?

Over the next 3 days, the cost is a measly $14.99/month and you can cancel at any time and after that the price is going up to $29.99/month (and your cost will never go up from the launch pricing…never, ever, ever).

That price is ridiculously small when adding up all the value.

Not only are you getting access to the current issue and Workout Of The Month, but also you have access to past issues as well as special client-only videos and articles above and beyond the monthly issues.

– A new workout each and every month along with FULL, follow-along workout videos and the ability to download the high quality videos to your computer or just watch ‘em online.

– A new huge magazine each and every month covering multiple aspects of health and fitness along with awesome recipes.

– Client-only workout videos and articles.

– Unlimited access to yours truly and more stuff will be added all the time!

And it’s a measly $14.99/month for the next 3 days only.

How awesome is that!

Okay, I’m signing off now. I’m a little wiped out, but had to get this message out because I’m really excited about this project and SUPER DUPER excited about being a daddy again 🙂

To get started, all you have to do is click here and you’ll be taken to the secure sign-up page.

You can also click the Add To Cart button below and it’ll do the same thing.

Talk to you real soon with more pictures of Nolan and more tips!


To get started, click the big, giant Add To Cart button below…

The promotion is now closed, but you can still gain access to all The Fit Parent Force Monthly has to offer at a ridiculously low price by clicking here.


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