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A Different Way To Look At Expectations and Goals For Weight Loss

goals for weight loss

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Are you a goal setter?

I’m a huge goal setter. I set goals like crazy. I loves me some goals.

Big goals, small goals, it doesn’t matter. If it’s worth achieving, I make it a goal.

I map that crap out and yearn to achieve those goals.

Why am I such a believer in goal setting? Because experts told me to be a believer in goal setting and I loves me some gurus.

The problem is that I tend to spin my wheels and I know that happens with many, many others as well.

I get what they’re saying and understand the benefit of goal setting and the benefit of setting BIG goals.

If you have low expectations, and small goals, you won’t stretch and take risk. You’ll accomplish little.

Set a goal to earn a penny, and you’ll probably only earn that penny.

Speaking in terms of Goals For Weight Loss, if you set a goal to lose 5 pounds when you need to lose 50… you’ll only lose 5 pounds.

There’s also a problem with setting large goals and having big expectations and that is the spinning of wheels (like me) or thoughts of failure if you don’t accomplish them, or if you don’t see yourself on your way to accomplishing them.

Speaking in terms of goals for weight loss, if you want to lose 100 pounds, yet in the first 30 days “only” lose 5, you may see that as a failure because your sights are only set on those 100 pounds because you were told to set BIG and audacious goals.

I get that and understand that…

… But I also see the flaw in that logic in that big audacious goals become all consuming to the point that you only think about achieving the goal and don’t work as hard to accomplish it.

You become consumed with the FULFILL-MENT of the goal rather than becoming consumed with actually FULFILL-ING the goal.

Notice the difference?

Back to the big 100 pound goal…

Often times that person who wants to lose those 100 pounds will become consumed with methods of achieving the 100 pound weight loss rather than actually achieving the 100 pound weight loss.

New weight loss workout programs will be tried every few weeks rather than sticking with one for a few months.

New diets will be tried on a whim rather than sticking with sensible methods.

Magic pills and potions in the form of supplements will be purchased every time the marketing trips his/her trigger (and the marketing is awesome).

All because they are consumed with achieving the big, hairy, audacious goals for weight loss.

What if we did something different?

What if we removed ALL expectations?

Sure you can still have a vision – you should always have a vision – but we remove the setting of goals big and small and instead decide to stick to something and work our asses off until our vision is fulfilled – no writing down and hashing out big or small goals…just workin’.

Hard work along with a vision of what you want rather than loads and loads of goals, I believe, can get you to your desired result quicker and with less resistance than constantly setting and re-setting goals.

Did that make sense?

To put it another way, you can know you need to lose 100 pounds, and have a detailed vision, that you can see when you close your eyes, of what you want to look and feel like, but rather than constantly thinking about the goals for weight loss and setting tons and tons of smaller goals, you instead decide to stick with tried and true methods for achieving that weight loss and then bust your ass to get there.

I think the second option, the option without all the heavy expectations and pressure, will be the winner time and time again.

Maybe I’m off base and maybe I’m thinking too much, but when it comes time to lose weight, get in better shape, or whatever verbiage you want to use, we do think too much…

…We get lost in our own mind, which causes us to spin our wheels and jump ship to the next “shiny thing” before seeing our vision through.

Don’t do that.

Know what you want.

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Feel what you want.

Decide to go get it and then work, work, work until you get there. Don’t let shiny things distract you from your goal.

You can do it.

I know you can do it.



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  • Mitchell - Home Fitness Manual


    Setting long-term and short-term goals is very important in most areas of one’s life, but in the case of exercising they should be mandatory. If you were to workout without a plan, then you’re essentially training to fail.

    I recommend having a vision of where you’d like to see your physique in 3 months, 6 months and 9 months time frames, but also envision what you’d like to look like a year after working towards your goal. This goes for anyone wishing to build muscle or fat loss.


    • Ed Scow, aka 'The Fit Dad'

      Hey Mitchell!

      Thanks for the comment.

      I agree that people should have goals when trying to lose weight…and I disagree (as per this post). I deal with folks on a daily basis who have no idea what they want other than “to lose weight” or “get in better shape” and those folks need to sit down and figure out exactly what it is they want and beyond that, some do need to break things down into manageable goals, but others get stuck in that phase.

      I’m just presenting a different viewpoint and I think you’re missing the point of this post. My point is that there are many, many individuals out there who get bogged down with the act of goal setting, when the goals don’t mean a damn thing…

      …and you even said it yourself in your comment. You recommend having a vision – but a vision is not a goal. A vision is a mental picture and there are no action steps for that…it’s just a picture.

      I believe in goal setting. I believe it has power, but it can also be flawed. I also believe in shoving goals aside and busting your ass to get what you want. Do that and the vision will happen.


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