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Wedding Cake Fat Loss Diet

I love wedding cake.

On Saturday Andrea and I went to a friend’s wedding and I have to tell you that I kinda like weddings.

I know that sounds weird for a guy to say, but I do.  I’m kind of sappy in that I enjoy seeing people at one of their happiest moments in life.

Although, like every guy, I want the wedding to be done with as quickly as humanly possible so I can get to the real good stuff.  The wedding reception.

I’ve told you before that I’m not afraid to eat.  I’m not a health nut and I will never, ever deprive myself of a food that I really enjoy.  I just know when to stop.

But one thing I have trouble stopping with is wedding cake.

I love wedding cake.  Have I said that before?

I do.  I don’t know what it is about the stuff, but I LOVE it!

And thank goodness we had some really good wedding cake on Saturday.

I stopped myself at one piece, even though I could’ve had more.  I didn’t though because I didn’t want to look like a crazy, sugar crazed person running back up to the cake table shoving little old ladies out of the way to get another piece of cake.  I’m slightly more dignified than that…only slightly, though.

The mother of the groom asked me how many calories I thought were in a piece of that wedding cake and my first reaction was to say “I don’t know, but not that many.”

She was kind of surprised at my reaction, and after I thought about it, my reaction was pretty stupid.

I started doing a mental inventory of what goes into wedding cake, and the frosting, and it wasn’t pretty.

All the sugar, flour, eggs, cream, more sugar, etc. and the numbers just kept piling up in my mind.

I still don’t feel guilty about the cake, as you shouldn’t if you had a good desert if you stopped at one small serving, but it made me remember a study I had read about a few years ago.

The study said that most people underestimate the number of calories in a food by about 25%.

Meaning that if you thought a meal had roughly 1000 calories it probably had 1250.  Boy I’m good at math.

That may not seem like much, but if you take that even further and don’t just stop at one meal, or even one day’s worth of meals, it’s very easy to see where the problems can start.

That 25% can equal thousands of calories over the course of the week.

And to be totally honest in talking to many of my clients about their eating habits, I think that 25% is a conservative number.

It’s not uncommon for a confused client to ask how many calories are in a certain meal and when I tell them they’re shocked.

They think their “healthy” meal has only a few hundred calories in it when, in reality, it’s closer to 1000.

I’ve never been a big advocate of calorie counting because I think it’s unrealistic to expect busy people to take the time to do it, but there has to be some give and take.

But that’s why I try to teach people ways around counting calories and instead focus on portion control, slowing down while you eat, drinking water with meals and eating smaller meals throughout the day, and fasting one day a week like my buddy Brad Pilon suggests.

I think the number one issue out of all those things I just mentioned is portion control.  If you get your portions under control, don’t fill your plate when you have a meal, or use smaller plates, it’ll go a long way in controlling your total calorie intake and you won’t have to worry about miscalculating calorie counts by 25%.

But that wedding cake did taste darn good.  I just wish I would’ve grabbed a few pieces to take home with me on our way out.

Have a good day!


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