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3 Worst Abs Foods


I love to people watch.  Not in the weird, crazy stalker person sort of people watching, but the friendly admiring sort of people watching ( I know that’s a stretch and it really is weird to people watch, but I like it so don’t judge me please).

Anyway, one of the biggest things I watch is what people eat compared to how healthy and lean they are.

There are a number of things that always pop out to me when I watch people eat.  Overweight and obese people eat very fast and get a lot of liquid calories, while lean people tend to eat slower and enjoy their food and drink water or other calorie free drinks.

Another thing I notice is that people who are overweight tend to be eating the same things.  It doesn’t matter whether they’re male or female, black or white, or what ethnicity, there are the same types of foods being eaten.

Here are those 3 worst abs foods.

#1 – Anything fried. I know that’s not a food, but it needs to be included.  Any food that’s battered and deep fat fried is horrible.  It makes you gain fat just by looking at it.  I don’t know how, but it just does.  I hope you realize I’m kidding when I say that.

Seriously, though fried foods are quite possibly the worst foods you could possibly eat.  They will make you gain fat, and gain it very quickly.  They are loaded with calories and void of any nutrient value.  I don’t care if what you’re eating is “healthy” underneath the fat.  Things like fried chicken or deep fried vegetables do not count as “health food”.

Get rid of them if you really want to lose fat.  There’s no arguing that statement.  If you’re serious about fat loss and losing stomach fat, get rid of the fried foods.

#2 – High Fructose Corn Syrup. This stuff is right up there with fried foods in terms of making you gain fat.  In fact, it’s probably worse because of the havoc it causes you internally.

There are more and more studies coming out showing the devastating effects high fructose corn syrup has not only when it comes to gaining fat, but also health wise.

I cannot overstate how deadly this stuff is.  You will gain lots of fat and you will gain fat fast.  Not really the things most people are looking for.

#3 – Simple carbohydrates.
This group includes white bread, chips, crackers, white bread dyed brown to look like wheat bread (yes they do that), bagels & muffins (even the “whole wheat” kinds).

There is no good that can come from this “food group” unless you’re a marathon runner or long distance cyclist in need of some quick energy.  If that’s not you, then these foods will make you gain fat.

They are stripped of any nutrient value they once had making the chain of events inside your body a fat gaining force that is second to none.  They are digested very quickly, causing you to get a quick burst of energy, but as quickly as you got the boost, you are sent back down with an energy crash, which will leave you craving these same kinds of foods within the hour.

Not only that, but it’s quite possible that a good chunk of those simple carbohydrate calories were stored as fat around your stomach, hips, butt, face and chest.

Not what you’re looking for is it?

There you have it.  Those 3 types of foods are the absolute worst when it comes to gaining fat.  If you are serious at all about losing fat, then stay away from those foods.

Have a great day!

Ed Scow, aka “The Fit Dad”

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