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3 Simple Ways To Boost The Effectiveness Of Your Workout Program


So I recently started taking guitar lessons again, which should have happened long, long ago.  I suppose I’m like many of my clients – I really want to become better, think I can become better on my own, then fail miserably in that line of thinking.  I suck and need help…so I hired a “coach” to get me there.

He’s awesome.  I had an instructor after my first guitar was purchased, and he was horrible.  He would teach me one tiny little thing, then diddle on his own guitar while I fumbled my way through his shoddy attemps at instruction.  He was quite good at playing his own guitar…not so much at helping this dude get better

So he done been fired.

My new instructor has helped me grow leaps and bounds, and it’s only been 3 weeks!  It’s amazing what good instruction and tutelage can do.

On that note, let’s go over a few ways to help you become better with your workouts and shoot your results through the roof.

Here are 3 very simple ways to boost the effectiveness of your workout program and start seeing quicker results.

1)  Add a Book End to your workouts.

Books Ends are one of my favorite ways to increase the intensity and effectiveness of your workout – whether the goal is to lose weight, or put extra emphasis on a certain area of your body (abs, arms, butt, etc.).

How is it done?

It’s actually pretty simple.  You pair up a couple exercises that fit your overall goal into a superset and do that superset before AND after your regular workout.

I’m assuming you’re doing quick workouts, like my 10-minute workouts, which would mean you’re only training for 20 minutes (plus warm-up).  That’s not that much time when you’re able to get to your goals quicker.

Here’s a couple samples…

Book End for Weight Loss #1:

1A) Burpee – 6 reps

1B) Mountain Climber – 15 reps/leg

You’d do that little superset as many times possible for 5 minutes before AND after your regular 10-minute workout.

Below are a couple more examples for weight loss.

Book End for Weight Loss #2

2A) DB or KB Swing – 20 reps

2B) 1 ½ BW Squat – 10 reps


3A) Squat Thrust – 15 reps

3B) Jumping Jack – 30 reps

Again, do those little supersets as many times possible in 5 minutes before AND after your 10-minute workout.

What if you want better looking arms?

Below are a couple examples.

Book End for Better Arms:

1A) Close Stance Push-up – 8 reps

1B) Bicep Curl – 8 reps


2A) 1 ½ Shoulder Press – 6 reps

2B) Incline Curl – 8 reps

Here’s how I’d like you to perform those two.  You’d still do them for 5 minutes before AND after your 10-minute workout, but I’d like you to increase the reps/decrease the weight for the 5-minutes after your workout.

So you’d do lower reps/higher weight before the 10-minute workout and higher reps/lower weight after the 10-minute workout.  Don’t increase the reps too high; just to like 10 or 12…not 15 or 20.

Make sense?

That’s how you add a Book End to your workout to increase the intensity and effectiveness whether you want to drop fat or focus on a certain part of your body.

2) Increase the weight, or do a more difficult version of the exercise (for bodyweight exercises)

There are two types of people when it comes to training – those that use too much weight, use horrible form and look a fool and those that use too light of weight for risk of injuring themselves, getting too big or flat out fear.

Both are limiting their results.

I’m assuming you’re not an ego-monster in the gym violently swinging weights, using horrible form and not going through a full range of motion so let’s focus on the second type of trainee.

If you can comfortably perform the exercise, and feel like you have a lot more reps “in the tank,” then I want you to increase the resistance used.

What I mean is if you are doing a Shoulder Press and the workout calls for 10 reps and when finished you can honestly tell yourself you could have gone on for another 5-8 reps, then you’re not challenging yourself enough.

The reason you’re doing the workout, and the reason for a workout in general, is to challenge your muscles and body.  You are pushing your muscles beyond their current state.

You are trying ot improve upon your current state.

You will NOT improve if you don’t push yourself.

I’m not asking you to jump up 100 pounds, or use so much weight you put yourself at risk of hemhroids, but I am asking you to increase the weight to make the exercise challenging.  You should not go to failure, but you should not feel like you can push through another 5-10 reps either.  You should feel like you have 2 or 3 reps left “in the tank.”

That means the 10 reps of Shoulder Press should be difficult, but that if forced to, you could get a few more reps out…and no more.

Make sense?

The easiest way to increase the effectiveness/intensity of bodyewight exercises is to use a more difficult variation.

Does the workout call for 10 push-ups, but 10 push-ups feels like child’s play?  Step it up to a Decline Push-up, 1-Leg Push-up, “T” Push-up, or some other variation that makes those 10 reps DIFFICULT…but not impossible.

Does the workout call for 15 bodyweight squats, but those feel no different than taking a leisurely walk?  Do 1 ½ Bodyweight Squats for those 15 reps instead, or raise your arms up and do Overhead Bodyweight Squats, or Pistols.

3) Decrease rest.

By far the easiest way to increase the effectiveness and intensity of your weight loss workout is to decrease the amount of rest taken, while still able to maintain good form.

If your main goal is to lose weight and get rid of the flabby goo, then the main purpose of the workout is to PUSH, crank your metabolism, work your entire body and burn calories.

Limiting rest is an easy way to increase those numbers.

I like to form my 10-minute workouts as circuits and tell you to complete as many circuits possible in those 10 minutes.


Because it forces you to work…but it can be tough if no one is there to tell you to keep pushing (unless of course you’re a member of Fit Parent Force Monthly where you get access to full, follow-along workout videos every month!).

If you need to rest, then rest, but you need to know the difference between needing a break and not wanting to push yourself.

Far too many people, maybe you included, don’t push themselves hard enough during their workout which means they limit their own results.

Don’t limit your results – PUSH yourself.

Limit the rest taken.

Okay I just gave you 3 easy ways to increase the effectiveness and intensity of your weight loss workouts, but here’s the cool thing…

You can, and should, use all 3 if you really want to lose more weight and crank up the intensity.

It is perfectly cool to add Book Ends, use more weight/do a more difficult version and decrease the rest.

It would actually be a pretty good idea if you catch my drift.

What do you think?  Can you handle that?

Of course you can!

I know you can do this.  You are stronger and capable of more than you know.  All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other, get off your butt and do the work.

Results are like the proverbial “snowball.”  It picks up momentum, and more snow, as it rolls down the mountain until pretty soon it’s an unstoppable force.

You can be that unstoppable force, but first you have to move…then keep moving day after day.

Talk soon!


P.S. – As I alluded to earlier, you really should be a member of Fit Parent Force Monthly (if you aren’t already).  You get a brand new workout program every month, with Workout Logs to chart your progress, and downloadable videos filmed in a “follow along” style so you can do the workout with me rep for rep and set for set.

I also revamped the “magazine,” so that instead of getting one per month, you now get 2 smaller, yet more usable magazines every month.  This new addition is called “FPF Premium” and its goal is to give you information that you can act on, and then see results.  We’ll always cover the mental side of fitness, then dive into simple tactics for nutrition or workouts.

I’m pretty pumped up about the new direction and I hope you are too.

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