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3 Simple 10-Minute Workouts To Lose Weight FAST

bodyweight workoutI love getting emails from clients.

Last week I received an email from a client I work with in my training studio, and he was a little frazzled.  His life cranked up and he wasn’t able to make it in to the studio for our normal hour-long sessions.

Work was crazy busy, he wanted to make it to a few of his kids’ games (which is always awesome), but the fact remained something had to give and that was our training sessions.

He wanted to know how to continue seeing results, while not giving up any of the other “stuff” in his life.  Work would’t slow down, he wasn’t going to give up family time, but still wanted to lose weight and still wanted to train.

Here’s what I told him…

You can absolutely still lose weight without our long workouts, and here’s how.

Do the following 3 10-minute workouts for the next two weeks (the period we wouldn’t be able to train) and I can almost guarantee you’ll continue seeing results…maybe even better (which he did).

Do these workouts 3-4 times per week, with the goal being 4-6…but 3-4 is the minimum.

If you have extra time, go for an extra 5-10 minutes – just take a break after the initial 10 minutes and go a bit longer.

Keep the rest to a minimum.  You’re “only” exercising for 10 minutes so make that time count.  Don’t let the television, cell phone, or family interrupt you.  Lock the door if you need to.  Turn the music up and get to work.

Below are the workouts

(Ed’s Note – You are going to get the videos in addition to the workouts – BONUS for you!   Booyah!)

Workout #1:

10-Minute Bodyweight Workout Program

YouTube Preview Image

If you didn’t write that workout down, here’s the details…

1A) Walking Push-up** – 10 reps

1B) Burpee – 8 reps

1C) Leg Curl w/Hip Extension – 8 reps

1D) 1 ½ BW Squat – 10 reps

**If you can’t do the walking push-up, do an easier version…but tougher than the “standard” push-up.  For example, a push-up with a hand raise, placing one hand on a medicine ball, or elevating it a few inches off the floor, etc.

(click here to watch a video demonstrating a few push-up variations)

Okay, that was workout 1.  Do that workout as many times possible in 10 minutes, maybe even 15, and you’re done.  Get in, get done and move on with your day.

Here’s the second one…

Bodyweight Workout In 10 Minutes

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s the layout for that workout

1A) Staggered Push-up** – 10 reps

1B) BW Squat – 20 reps

1C) Jump Squat** – 10 reps

1D) Plank Extension – 10 reps/arm

**same story for these push-ups as the previous workout.  If you don’t feel comfortable jumping, then do a hip extension with your feet elevated, or a Squat Thrust…preferably the Squat Thrust

If you’re struggling finding time to do the workout, then just get up a bit earlier.  That may make you groan and curse, but it’s not that bad.  Remember what you’re trying to do – fit a quality workout in when you don’t have time.  Getting up 15 minutes earlier isn’t that difficult, plus the workout itself will shoot your energy levels through the roof.

Here’s the third 10-minute workout…

Quick and Simple 10-Minute Workout

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s the layout for that puppy…

1A) Alternating Bent Over Row – 8 reps/arm

1B) DB or KB Swing – 20 reps

1C) Push-up w/Jack Knife** – 8 reps

Complete those 3 exercises in a circuit for 8 minutes.  After the 8 minutes is up perform the following exercise “Tabata-style” for 2-minutes…

2A) Burpee – 20 seconds on/10 seconds off


There are 3 workouts, the workout videos and layouts.

Rotate those workouts for the next 2-3 weeks and feel the results.  Shoot for 5-6 days per week, with a minimum of 3-4.

Don’t let the “5-6 days per week” scare you.  Remember these workouts only take 10-15 minutes.  That’s not asking much.  Plus when you get the ball rolling you’ll find doing it 5-6 days per week isn’t that tough.

Your energy levels will shoot through the roof.

You’ll feel stronger.

Fat will drop off your stomach.

You’ll feel awesome.

All while doing 10-minute workouts.

You have the workouts, you have the videos and you have the layouts.  All you have to do now is TAKE ACTION.

Put this information to use and you will see results.

Talk soon!


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