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3 Questions To Kick Start Your Fat Loss


I hope your week is starting off well and I hope you had an awesome weekend!

Memorial weekend is the unofficial beginning of summer around here and that means the pools open!  We went on opening day and it was PACKED by the time we left.

Maren had an awesome time playing ‘kid pool’ and jumping from the pool deck into my arms in the ‘big pool’.  She’s getting more comfortable in the water, which is awesome because I’ve never been all that comfortable in water.  I can swim…but it’s not my specialty, if you catch my drift.

I also had a pretty interesting consultation last week.  It was interesting because I spent a good 30 minutes listening to her talk about the previous diet she tried to stick to – one that another “trainer” put her on.

It was confusing as hell!

Ready for pool/beach season?

They had her using all sorts of math…math that’s not necessary for the overwhelming majority of the public.  20% this, 40% that, 35% here…and if that didn’t work maybe switch it to 25%…or maybe 45%!

By the time she was done ranting and raving about how difficult it was for her to understand and my head was spinning because I didn’t understand.  I understood the diet (it sucked)…but I didn’t understand why on earth a trainer would expect someone to stick to such a difficult diet.

When it was all said and done, I asked her 3 questions.  These 3 questions marked the beginning of our journey, but it left her with some perspective about how simple eating should be.

What 3 questions did I ask her?

1.  How many servings of fruits and vegetables do you eat per day?

I don’t mean total servings, but how many servings each?  Most people don’t eat any.  Some eat fruit and no vegetables, and vice versa.

Very few eat enough fruit AND vegetables but the ones who do usually don’t struggle with keeping their weight under control (I’m assuming they’re not covering their broccoli with melted cheese or Ranch dressing…if you are, stop it!).

2.  What do you drink on a daily basis?

If you drink stuff that has calories (besides homemade smoothies), cut it out.  They’re useless.

This especially goes for soda, fake fruit juices, and sports drinks (including those stupid Vitamin Waters and Smart Waters).

This also includes coffee “drinks” – these puppies can easily be hundreds of calories.

Your primary drink should be water.  Anything else is “extra.”   That may sound overly simplistic, but all too often the things that work are simple.

3.  Do you mini-cheat?

Do you allow yourself to have small “treats” on a daily basis?  Maybe a cookie every afternoon?  Maybe a glass of wine or cocktail (or 2) every evening?  A small dessert after every dinner?

Individually these aren’t that big of a deal – maybe 100-200 calories each, but when you take that out over the course of a week that can equal 700-1400 calories…calories you DON’T need.

To be totally honest, those mini-cheats aren’t huge numbers and won’t add up to much (despite what I just said) UNLESS you also “relax” your eating and drinking habits on the weekend.

You can’t do both.

You can’t have a small ‘treat’ every day and still relax your eating habits on the weekend.  That’s just too much.

If you want to lose fat, you have to pick one.  Either eat nearly perfect all week and relax a bit on the weekends, or eat nearly perfect every day with a small cheat most days.  But I have to emphasize the “small” portion of those statements.

Small is NOT a giant cookie made with real butter.

Small is NOT a 300-calorie candy bar (read the label because many candy bars easily top 300 calories).

Small is…small.  100-200 calories.

Those 3 questions are incredibly easy to handle – eat a lot of fruits AND vegetables every day, don’t drink your calories and control your cheating – but if you master them, you will be way ahead of the game.

You’ll lose fat without overloading your brain and going nuts wondering if you’re following the ‘plan’ that some idiot made up.

Don’t over think this stuff – just focus on a few basic points until they become permanent and then focus on a few more things.

You’ll lose fat.  You’ll be healthier.  You’ll be happier and, best of all, you won’t spend 30 minutes ranting and raving to me about how difficult it is to stick to some diet plan an idiot trainer gave you.

It may not be glamorous and it sure as hell isn’t magical, but it works and it works VERY well.

Once she signed up, I gave her a bit more information and I’ll share that information with you too, but you’ll have to wait a couple more weeks.  Sneaky, sneaky!

Have an awesome day!


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